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    Happy New Year Everyone - I have to delay todays release until tomorrow because i've found myself in hospital -not from drunken revelry but freak accident! i'm hoping to be out tomorrow morning and will be able to release the first movie of 2016!

    Many apologies


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    Thanks Graves - i'm feeling much better now that i've been pumped full of diazepam! The film is out now! i've managed to get my laptop sent to my hospital bed.

  • I'm very-very sorry to to hear these terrible news, Kandyman. I hope you'll get better soon.

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    Thanks guys! i've been ordered to rest with a pile of drugs for the next few days - i actually lost the function of my legs yesterday! I've got the laptop now and i'm working on the update as we speak.. we're going to bring the new year in with a PANDA SPECIAL!!

  • That's aweful news Kandyman. I hope you recover soon and wish you a speedy recovery, not a great start to 2016. I'm sure things will only get better.

  • Sorry to hear that you find yourself in such a predicament K'man.
    Perhaps you should look at a short term re-naming of the site to Cack-Assed-Kandy?
    No? Ok.
    To a speedy recovery.

  • Uggh! Hope you're okay.

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