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    As you know, our AJ has taken Hollywood by storm, of course! Her kickass training has finally paid off as she's got an action role in a soon to be released new movie with Steven Seagal. It's called THE PERFECT WEAPON and the trailer is here…watch out for some fight action at 1:18 - but blink and you'll miss it. There's going to be a bigger trailer coming along in about a month and she says she gets a lot of action in the film - some of it fighting ;)


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    You couldn't be more right scarru. :cool:

    And the choice of preview picture for the TouTube trailer means someone in the production company knows it too. ;)

  • Its about time the lovely Ms Jackson was given a chance to shine on the big screen :)

    Damn shame about the poster though

    most of its taken up by Mr Seagulls fat head :(


    ahhh yes…................now this one looks much much better

  • Very glad to see AJ rising up the Hollywood food chain.

    I see Mr Segal’s acting skills (& I use the term loosely) seemingly plateaued in about 1992….

    Would be truly great to see AJ back for a KAK FvM ‘special’ one day.
    Ever hopeful!!


  • She looks amazing and I'm so happy for her! The Perfect Weapon starring the Perfect Woman!

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    Aha! Someone uploaded it to YouTube. :D And they knew what was good for them, putting AJ's face as the preview picture. ;)

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    It was only a matter of time before Hollywood learned what we have known all along and started casting her in roles that took full advantage of her singularly awesome skills!! :cool: :cool: :cool:

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