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    Well here's a way of immortalising yourself on KAK! Making her debut next week is a sublimely beautiful new agent and we thought we'd bestow the honour of naming her upon you guys! The agent in question will read your responses and choose one of them. Here's some info to help you…

    Hair: Dark Brown
    Eyes: Hazel
    Height: 5'5" - 165cm
    Dress Size: 8 (38)
    Waist: 26" - 66cm
    Shoes: 3 (35.5)

    She's posh, she's cool and she's highly sophisticated. Oh yeah, and she's deadly!

    Get your suggestions in quick, deadline is one week today, noon on Wednesday 10th November

  • Kandyman - in which film can J see the new agent - what will be the title of the film ?

  • What is with "Agent pretty feet" - as small as she has (shoesize 3!!!)
    J'm sure j'll love her small (and hopefully) deadly feet …....

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    Its a great name Goose - well played. Now here's to earning yourself your first K!

  • YAY!!! And from obscurity to immortality in one week! this makes up for my lack of "Ks" Kandyman! Jet is absolutely gorgeous and she's fabulous in her debut film too, loved it.

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    Some great suggestions there! Special mentions must go to Agent Vienetta, Agent Heaven Lee, Destiny Sugartower and Elfin ( oh yeah, and Agent Rooney) but the winner is…... AGENT JET. Its cool and sophisticated, she has jet black hair, a private jet and now has the name of the fittest ever Gladiator. Well done Goose!


  • Really looking forward to seeing the new film that is imminent - How about HEAVEN LEE for the new KAK girl making her debut. :cool:

  • I was thinking in hazel eyes and cracking nuts et voila…
    agent HAZELNUTS!!

    (ohh what are you smoking, triki) :p

  • Best I can think of is Fierce and I went through the whole alphabet.

  • God…

    She could be Cassandra.

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    A few of these really cracked me up..Agent Vienetta! loll

  • I think a good name is Lorena.

  • Agent Nutsy?

    Sounds a bit weird and also a bit girlish. And she has the hazel-brownish looks for it. :)

  • She is drop dead gorgeous this one Kandyman!! here's my thought on such a doe eyed beauty. I like simplicity (although i love destiny sugartower Mooncatt!!)
    LADY J

  • Hmmmm,

    I quite like the names Jenna or Gabriella for a posh girl spy.

    How about Agent Scarlett or Agent Coral?

    Or given the date of the deadline almost being the 11th, Agent Poppy?

    Of course my favourites would be Destiny Sugartower or Busty St Claire.

    Well whatever name is chosen for your newest recruit one thing is already certain, she is blooming gorgeous!
    How do you keep finding such sexy, elegant women who are such devastating fighters?

  • Well, I've fallen in love and I haven't even seen her in motion! How about:

    Agent Majestic

  • Sorry Kandyman but Agent Hammer is my choice

  • "Well, she could be Agent Oink as she's a complete BABE."

    This comment totally cracked me up! :)

    Seriously, I think the name Heaven fits well. Or could be Angel, for the same reason.

    Or what about an exotic name for such an exotic beauty?

    Farah, Leila, Kayla …

  • How about…........... nightshade, then we get to see her be deadly.

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    She's a good agent Jaye!

  • Assuming she's an evil agent…how about Black Widow?

  • Kandyman - to assist in the naming may I ask if she will be a good or evil agent?

  • mmm, brown hair, hazel eyes - she's so chocolatey! how about Agent Cadbury? (dime bars are chocolatey too)

  • Well she's an absoloute dime. :)

    So Agent Dime. :)

  • Wow!

    All I could think about when I first saw this picture was Heaven. So there you have it I'm thinking "Heaven"

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