• So I was wondering how we all came to choose our usernames? What's the significance behind your screen names? Or are they just random?

    Anyone that can remember the little green fellow to the left will know how I got mine. Kandyman, fairly straight forward.
    I reckon SkyBlueMayo is a fan of both Coventry City football club and a certain egg based salad topping.
    And I reckon Mark is called Mark (correct me if I'm wrong people ;0)

    But how about the rest of us?

  • I Really consider my user name to be goo to hear and easy to be familiarize.

    lab coat medical

  • Long ago, a friend signed me up for a car forum. He asked me what my username was, but I didn't have one. So he asked what kind of car I liked, the Nissan Skyline and it's stuck ever since.

  • I came up with mine as a name for my comics publishing "empire" (that's a real laugh). Now that I think about it my username is really stupid and I want to change it.

  • Love the name Mooncatt - good post and you are 50% correct in your analysis of my name Skybluemayo. I am indeed a very big fan of Coventry City football club with all it's ups and downs - hence the Skyblue part. The Mayo part however has nothing to do with a salad dressing, but is a reference to County Mayo in Ireland where my family originate from.
    Think my favourite name I have seen so far is Dizzygoon - because that sums up the Kickasskandy site … there is nothing better than a film ending with numerous Dizzy Goons out cold

  • I always liked the name Goose, possibly because of Top Gun and possibly because it lays golden eggs. My first child shall be named Goose.

  • Only if your surname is Webmaster.

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    Nice topic but would you believe my actual Christian name is Kandyman?

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