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    We are delighted to announce that the annual Custom Season kicks off in July! This is your unique opportunity to create the film of your a very reasonable price I may add! You get to choose everything from THE GIRLS to THE OUTFITS to THE SCRIPT to THE KICK ASS MOVES.... the choice is all yours!! It's for both KICKASSKANDY and KICKASSFEMMES.

    The Premier League of customers have all been contacted now and we already have some incredible ideas in process but there are a few remaining shoot dates between July and the end of September so if you are even half thinking about it, let us know! You can either go through the CUSTOMS tab at the top of each page or email me directly at

    Just to whet your appetites, here's a sizzling hot trailer made entirely by the one and only SCARRU!!

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    The good news is... the prices are the same as last year, and the year before that, and the year before that....and guess what.... the year before that. With the ££ going down they'll be even cheaper for you!!

  • kandy man... With the english pound going down... Will the custom price remain? Or will it go up

  • Glad you liked the trailer J/O ☺

    It wasn't just epic in content but epic in size too.

    I made it using the Adobe after effects program and at completion totalled 1.2Gb which yeah,...............

    is rather laaarrrrge for a 36 second vid I have to say,...................but the results were worth it.

  • Well I struggle to even pronounce the dam word, let alone choose to remain arnonie......annomyarse.....annoymoss............(ahhh, what ever)

    (my spilling suks azwel)

    Never realised some DID prefer to stay nameless,.......... but hey,ho,............... it takes all sorts i suppose

    You could always give the option out to each custom customer before hand and say when their vid does go viral,......... would they like to

    A, be credited for their work (user name only of course).....thus receiving great praise and plaudits from those who have purchased.


    B...remain annomin...anninim.......anoymin........a miserable sod who stays nameless.............

    (you may wish to modify the 'miserable' and 'sod' comparisons to something more suitable but you get my point) 😆

    But yeah, I do think Ghost's suggestion is a good idea, and constructive feed back from customers to custom creators can only help improve future productions. ☺

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    It's a very nice idea. I did start to do that but was often told they'd like to remain anonymous so thought it may be easier for the authors to announce their creations. I agree, it's always nice to know from which brains these sparks of genius came 💥

  • Kandyman. I recommend that for each custom if you can post the author if he agrees to it. That way we can thank that person for a great idea. Of course... If he is up to it and the video gets great reviews. I dont know if we should have a thread where we review the videos here as in heroinemovies. Only that we review the content in this,page

  • Hear hear.

    Scarru is the dog' danglies as we all know.

    This is a good day!!!


  • Evidently I'm up first....."gulp".

    No pressure!!!!

    Sign up for a custom if you have a dream & some cash burning a hole in your catsuit, trousers, speedos...whatever.

    You may regret the speedos, you will not, however, regret the custom.

    Soon I'll almost be up to double figures. They are 'somewhat' addictive!!!


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    That trailer is suitably epic, I must say. 😆

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