Kung Fu Darling feat. Zara Phythian

  • When I first saw this video las month, I couldn't help but wonder if our esteemed Kandyman didn't have a hand in its writing. 😜

    Because if I didn't knew better I would swear it had your fingerprints all over it. 😁

  • Maybe it's for the best. The awesomeness of Zara and Kandyman collaborating would have been too much for the Internet to handle and it would have melted down. 💥

  • administrators

    In a kind of thanks....but not thanks kind of way. She was very sweet though.

  • She laughed in a good or a bad way

  • administrators

    We are flatted by comparison! I once did exchange emails with Zara about doing a Kickass film, she laughed at me.

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