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    We've held this one back for's classic GOLD and SILVER to celebrate Team GBs record haul of GOLD and SILVER medals in the Paralympics!

    It's only £7.99 right now and features the impossibly beautiful Gold equipped with her leatherette catsuit and killer heels. Joining her is a Silver doing incredible things in her silver boots.

    BADASS on KICKASS: The Government have a key witness set to testify against the Badass Corp but the Badass Kandygirls can't let this happen. The witness is hidden and guarded in an impenetrable fortress but that's nothing for the catsuited and booted Gold and Silver....these girls are on a mission of total destruction using their lethal martial arts, deadly kickboxing and ridiculous banter. This long awaited RE:RELEASE from Badass Kandy will knock your socks off.

  • I can attest this is a classic. I regard this Kandy Klassic as one of Silver's seminal works with great fight choreography. Although I must confess I still prefer Silver as a brunette!

    If you haven't bought this film - then do yourself a favour and buy this digitally re-mastered version.


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