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    Today is Aish Day! Check out her first ever kickass adventure from 12pm GMT.

    Aish is a one woman army. When a militant tries to break into a top secret government base Aish teaches him a lesson. The black belt ballerina has an insatiable appetite for destruction, unleashing her fierce kicks and killer fists on anyone stupid enough to cross her. Just when her day lacked adventure one such brave man attempts to breaks in....lucky Aish! the hard bodied blonde rips him apart and enjoys every minute of it. Some secrets are guarded by armies but top secrets are guarded by Aish.

  • Please do moooore films with Aish! She's incredibly sexy and sooo super confident about herself!

    I love to see more of her!!

  • Aish ... Oy!!! My new favorite. Her fighting skills are clearly evident and her curves are INCREDIBLE!! Can't wait to see her in a black catsuit (preferably the one worn by Diva in "Ninja Kick Ass"). Well Done, Kandyman

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    Dentists or no dentists.... who wants to see a behind the scenes clip of Aish in action!!

  • @scarru

    No, I'm not a dentist, however, I can appreciate a good set of nashers when I see them...

    I have a film in production with this young lady...somewhat excited you could say!!


  • @Dizzy-Goon said:

    Ps. she also has very nice teeth….

    nice teeth ?


    Your not a dentist by trade are you DG ?

  • administrators

    She does have very nice teeth! She is spectacular in many many ways.

  • Amazing looking girl with unbelievable flexibility!!!

    Some of those kicks are the stuff of dreams….

    A find & a half K’man.


    Ps. she also has very nice teeth….

  • @kandyman

    Crikey....only 45 mins to wait!!! 👍🏻


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