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    Fear not DG, the Jaffa Cakes are sacred!

    and I'm hoping if we ignore him he'll go away.

  • @kandyman

    Is this episode now finally over....?!

    At least Jaffa Cakes weren't targeted. That could've been very nasty indeed....πŸ˜€

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    You're right you know! 2016 has been a very dark year.... Prince, David Bowie and no Vixen catsuits until now! we'll have to up the catsuit count for 2017! @Abercorn

  • Wow with the behavior your displaying and fact that you've avoided the question I asked you, so we can properly clear up this situation of you accusing me and my assumption that I have, so we can all move on ( even though you could of address or approach this in a much respectable matter in the first place.)From this. But you know what just refund my money for "You Only Kickass Twice" if you want because all I did was gave you review and trust me I could have been more honest with you in my review of kickass kandy these last few years which has been lacking growth but to be nice and fair minimum growth over the years, from the Fight Choreography, the Cinematography, sound effects, The Production, the acting, ADR mixing etc when compared to what the other producers have been putting out these last few years and that is quality material who takes other people's criticism/feedback to help improve there product and to make it better. But the Kandies are gorgeous so are there Catsuits/Attires. But anyway refund me if you want.

    Thanks Abercorn and Dfingo for being neutral, respectful, and Postive about this unlike someone (not Kandyman who I'm talking about.) on here who took a shot at me just for stating my own opinion.


  • I agree with Dfingo. Simply having a film with Vixen in a catsuit again was great. If you look at the previous release dates it's been an entire year since the last film in which Vixen wore a catsuit. I know Kandyman likes to have variety and change up the girls and outfits between each release but kills or no kills I hope we won't have to wait as long for the next Vixen catsuit release (FM of course)

  • Wow this forum has livened up !

    My opinion is you can say nothing negative about a film that has Vixen in that Catsuit.

    She could be sitting there doing the Crossword and it would be great.

    USo if you want some feedback K'man I'd say keep putting Vixen in that Catsuit.......with maybe the odd kill for kid caper and everyone will be happy.

    F-me Vixen in that Catsuit😍

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    Check your last sentence my friend, you asked how you were entitled and I answered your question. Seriously though, let's move on, if you didn't like the film that much i'll give you a refund. @KidCaper001

  • Don't be condescending, I didn't asked, needed, or want the definition of the word entitlement. You could have still made your point come across or approach my opinion/Criticism in a much better respectable manner but instead you decided to be rude about this situation and accuse me of being negative when I've said nothing insulting, Derogatory, or anything of sort but give you honest criticism of my latest purchase of kickass kandy and my disappointment in the episode. Nowhere in my review was there any negativity. I gave credit, I was understanding of the kickass kandy fans if there tastes differ from mine even if I'm in the minority I just want everybody including myself tastes to be represented in Kickass kandy I'm pretty fair when it comes to equal representation, expressing my sadness for Badass Kandy and just wanting ( some people I know too who also buy kickass kandy material.) to see a Mixture/Variety of KOs/Kills in the future releases. It's wasn't just the story or the direction of "You Only Kickass Twice" that bothered me but there were many things that i didn't like about this besides the portrayal of bad vixen who I wanted to be like the other badass kandies.

    Now in no way did I felt superior, entitled, privileged, better than, manipulate or convince anybody on how to do there own customs that they paid for with there money, I'm all for fans of the product for doing the customs that they want to do because if I had money to afford a custom I would have probably done one awhile ago. But you misconstrued on what I said about people's custom but admittedly I should have worded it better to get my point across better and I assumed some things. But first off, You mentioned that some of your videos are customs while the rest are mostly created/written by you. So for the last two years and a few months have most of your releases of kickass kandy been written/created by you while the others are some custom mades? @kandyman

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    @KidCaper001 definition of entitlement: 'the belief that one is inherently deserving of privileges or special treatment' and just one example ' I wish the people who do the customs would be more considered to others who do like the killing aspect of badass kandy and not just the excessive KOs aspect when doing these customs' - so in essence you are complaining that those that pay good money to have their own custom movies made should consider Kid Caper's own personal taste. I'm just being honest my friend, I find entitlement so boring I often want to poke my eyes out with chopsticks, it's just what kinda happens. So don't be upset, we all still love you.

    We love people speaking their minds, that's what the forum is here for but let's keep it within the realms of reality and reason -I get that the story didn't go your way but it went other people's way instead - including the guy who spent good money having his own personal script brought to life. We'd love you to be happy and not be 'disappointed and upset at the same time' but unless you order a custom movie, things may not go all your way.

    Only some of the movies are custom movies and the rest of written by yours truly - and in these I try to bring as many of the Forum's dreams and wishes to life - and most reasonable people know this is a bonus and not a human right. So lighten up my friend, enjoy the films you buy and carry on making suggestions but do it in a nice, positive way instead.

  • No you were disrespectful when you quote "your sense of entitlement was so boring I wanted to poke my own eyes out with some nearby chopsticks" when all I did was give you positive criticism, a review of the New Vixen episode and a suggestion in a respectful matter, you diss me and encouraged a other member on here to do the same with that quote, It's disappointing. And also how am i entitled. @kandyman

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    A few top pics to brighten up your Tuesday

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  • I love the banter!!!

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    This post is deleted!

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    No disrespect intended Kid Caper but your post was a litany of entitlement. We still love you though.

  • Kandyman are you really being serious right now, so you disrespect a avid customer and a fan who has bought all of the badass kandy series and who's also bought most of the kickss kandy series who's basically has been supporting your product for years now all because I expressed criticism and a few suggestions to you about the "You Only Twice Now" episode, so you disrespect me for just giving you a respectful honest opinion. that very disappointing from you, Kandyman. @kandyman

  • Might I add I'm thankful for hot booted UK women in honor of Thanksgiving here in the states! 😊😍

  • Hi all - Haven't posted here in awhile but I just wanted to say this film was great and oh god, Vixen in those boots was killer. I am in idea stages about getting a custom done for myself.

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    You have excellent taste in skirts DG :) @Dizzy-Goon

  • Vixen (both versions of) is smoking hot in this one!!!!!!! where have we seen that epic split skirt before....? πŸ˜‰

    Vixen is a proper legend. On that subject, she makes JT seem like berk. No, my mistake, JT makes JT seem like a berk.

    Talking of berks.....just ploughed through KidCaper001's ramblings. May I perhaps borrow your chopsticks........😱

    He's entitled to an opinion however.

    But that's the problem with 'democracy'. Not quite autocratic enough!!!

    Anyway, back to business.

    Bloody good film. Keep up the good work!!


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    Thanks for your thoughts, I tried to pick out the salient points that would help me get a feel for what the community likes but I gave up as, unfortunately, your sense of entitlement was so boring I wanted to poke my own eyes out with some nearby chopsticks. @KidCaper001

  • I just bought "You Only Kickass Twice" and I gotta express how disappointed I am at this release. I let me say I'm a fan of kickass kandy especially the short lived badass kandy series, as a matter of fact ive bought all badass kandy episodes that you made plus most of the the kickass kandy episodes too that was made and was saddened when the badass kandy series was discontinued but more that it was fused with the kickass kandy series. Admittedly I haven't purchased a kickass kandy episode in a while, mainly due to fact that while i do like the KOs from the Kandy girls, for me they get boring and repetitive when it happens all the time in most kickass kandy releases even though sometimes the Kandies do kill somebody but that not really all that much when most of it are just KOs.

    When I first saw the Preview for "You Only Kickass Twice" I was gleefully excited because I've expressed to you (if you remember.) and people on this forum that I wanted a badass assassin version of vixen who who Snaps necks, Crushes Windpipe, Strangles, Neck Pinch Pressure Points, heck I'll even throw in some brutal KOs in here. Its one of the reasons why I really miss Badass Kandy so much, you had a great mixture of Kills and KOs with each Badass Kandy episode that was released, Sadly we don't get that as much here with Kickass Kandy. I get most of these kickass Kandy are customs and most of everybody who does them plus the people on this forum are big fans of the Kandies KOs but as I stated before they get boring and repetitive when it's mostly 90% to 95% of KOs in most Kickass Kandy releases since you discontinued badass kandy and fused it with Kickass Kandy. I wish the people who do the customs would be more considered to others who do like the killing aspect of badass kandy and not just the excessive KOs aspect when doing these customs. I know you will probably offer me to do a custom, but admittedly I do make a decent income but not enough to ever afford a custom so I have to purchase whatever is released that I'm interested in buying.

    Now back to my criticism on "You Only Kickass Twice". This release only had KOs from good vixen like most of her other releases which disappointed me, Bad Vixen didn't even kill anybody just Knocked them out but you gave all the kills to the that flowers dude which upsets me, and I felt denied when vixen didn't even get to kill/finish off the flowers dude and the fact that he prevailed on her both disappointed and upsets me at the same time. I really didn't like this episode. I get it people really like the KOs aspect of Kickass Kandy so do i but I like the killing aspect of the Kandies also. As a fan and a person who has supported\Purchased most of the kickass kandy videos plus bought all the badass kandy releases that were made I hope we can get a mixture of both kills and KOs for most of the releases in the future and if not, I would like and appreciate that you Kandyman can bring back the Badass Kandy series even if it for a miniseries

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    That Spam drove me crazy! we've done a big overhaul of the site over the last 6 months, some of it due to Spam, some due to some hacker and some just to keep up with the times. I've neglected the Forum a little myself so it's time for me to get my writing ass in gear too!

  • @kandyman Thanks K'man good to be back. Must admit I was getting a little fed up with all the Spam on the last Forum but this one seems loads better. So I'll be back with my deepest thoughts, my nonsensical statements and my drunken ramblings.

    Now back to Vixen and that catsuit.😊

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    It's good to see you back Dfingo! I'm not sure anyone can wear a catsuit like Vixen!


    Haven't been on here for a while but nothing can pull me back in like Vixen and that catsuit. She is just phenomenal! 😍

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