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    DIVA. LEATHER CATSUIT. KILLER BOOTS. KICKASS ACTION. PERFECTION. Superspy Diva breaks into an enemy hideout, her mission is to humiliate and destroy...her weapons? her body of course. In this longer length epic she tackles a series of henchmen before she goes one-on-one with their massive maniac leader. High kicking, gymnastic, karate chopping, kickboxing beatdowns galore. RELEASED FRIDAY 16TH DECEMBER.....

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    Hope you're all enjoying the Holiday Season! Here's a nice big Behind the Scenes Clip from Nuclear Diva!

  • @Abercorn

    10/10 for actress choice & outfit!!

    Life doesn't get much better than Diva in a tight black leather cat-suit & boots......😉

  • Very well done Abercorn, Diva, Kandyman and the Kandy Krew, I really enjoyed this film and Diva filled out that catsuit in all the right places.💥 Diva is a star⭐

  • The trailer doesn't show it but they fight back a lot. I wanted to see Diva overcome a real challenge so she has some tough opponents. This is more than just beatdowns. This film has a lot of back and forth action.@Ghost999

  • Are you saying that the bad guys fight back in this video? The trailer doesn't show Diva challenged at all. But... if you say it's a must buy, than we will put it to the test

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    It's a fitting movie for the festive season :)

  • I can't wait to hear what everyone thinks of this one! This is my first ever Kickasskandy custom and I think it's one of the best films I've ever seen. Of course I carry an obvious bias so I'd love to know everyone's opinions once they've seen it. I tried to include everything I wanted to see in a Kickasskandy film like more balanced fights and more of Diva in a Catsuit and Kandyman pulled it off beautifully. I hope most fans will find something to like in this film.

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