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    It's FRIDAY it's (almost) 12pm GMT and it's KICKASS TIME!

    This one is a DOUBLE TREAT - not only is VIXEN back in THAT incredible PVC CATSUIT but she is joined by debutante Kandygirl LEGS 11 and even Vixen was taken aback by those legs.

  • Amazing debut of Legs 11. I hope to see her solo video.

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    Thanks Abercorn, Legs 11 will be informed of her appreciative appreciators 😀@Abercorn

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    Glad you liked the newbie, she's amazing to work with.....agility like you've never seen! and yeah and there are no superlatives for Vixen in that catsuit right?


  • Well I'd hoped we would see Vixen in a catsuit again soon and Kandyman certainly delivered with this one. We even got an amazing bonus with the excellent addition of Legs 11 who seems to be a natural when it comes to fighting. Hope to see more of her soon. Loved this film.

  • @kandyman Legs 11 certainly lives up to the name. Great debut and sexy look, loved it when she took her coat and glasses off to go kick ass. Seems very natural in front of camera and will be a fantastic Kandy addition with that kicking power. What can you say about Vixen in that Catsuit that hasn't already been said. Nothing, she is just amazing, go watch 🔥

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