Atomic Blonde (Upcoming movie starring Charlize Theron)

  • So today I came across a teaser for a movie I had no idea was being made. Charlize Theron plays a kickass secret agent in Berlin right before the Wall fell. I can't be sure until I see the whole trailer, but this is as close to a full length KAK feature film as it gets, right? 😎

    This is just a teaser, the full trailer drops on Friday. 😆

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    This has all the makings of an absolute classic.... and that's just based on the music. Incredible action and attitude from one of the world's hottest actresses! Can't wait!!

  • There are new trailers!

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    I do believe you're right! it looks like a totally awesome film all round!

  • @kandyman Oh you are so very welcome! 😎

    But I do believe you are going to like it even more after watching the extremely NSFW full trailer. 😌

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    I've even renamed this week's release in honour of charlize :)

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    WOW! 💘 WE LOVE CHARLIZE THERON! this choreography looks awesome! thanks for bringing this one to our attention Jade!