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    SUICIDE FEMMES is the brand new release coming from KICKASSFEMMES.... and it's coming THIS FRIDAY!! in the meantime, check out these.....

  • Awesome vid. These two gorgeous ladies are great. Fight choreography is excellent. Nobody sells the beat down better than Kix. Keep it going man. I have purchased every Femmes vid and can't wait till the next.

    Let's get Diva involved, she sells the beat down pretty well too


  • For me it'a one of better with the sexy and beautiful kix.She's the best actress of the site and she 's as a better

    for buy the shop. i hope that in the future we will have other movie with her and other girl .i' a have just one regret the end of the movie the last shot who have put kix ko

    will can better,perhaps a soumission or a hard kick great job kandyman and for your team

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    SUICIDE FEMMES trailer out now!

  • hi kandyman, for me it's will the best movie of the story of your site .i hope to saw soon the trailer.the two ladys was great and so sexy i a big fan of kix

    good end of the day

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    Friday can't come soon enough! 😆

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