Bullwhip (Denise Schaefer)

  • I assume I'm not the first to have laid eyes on this little beauty of a clip..........

    Denise Schaefer is evidently a 22 yr old Peruvian Supermodel.........who should be on K'man's books!!!


  • administrators

    She seems to be playing tourist in your neck of the woods @kandyman

    Keep an eye out. 😜

  • @kandyman

    Sadly not.

    It's a promo for some comic thing. It's bloody good though.

    Keep them coming I say!!

  • administrators

    She's a force of nature! Peruvian as well! I had noticed it, if only because of Sex Pistol Steve Jones' star role too :)

    She looks incredible in the flesh....those eyes!

    What's the story behind this? it's not a full blown movie is it?

  • administrators

    OK, just one more. 😜

  • administrators

    WTF?! 😨 I follow her on Instagram, but she hasn't mentioned this at all! I would've missed it completely were it not for DG's kind intervention. 👍

    I guess I'll have to follow her on Twitter as well. Damn, I can't believe this one went past me. 😤

    Because really, she's one of our nicest exports:

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