Friday 7th April RELEASE - Mount Kickass out now!

  • K'man

    What pleasure awaits us this coming Friday? 🤔

    Pray tell......🙏🏻

  • administrators

    A little behind the scenes Kix Fix for y'all

  • administrators

    I love the love ;) They reached out to me, a really nice gang, and it would be nice to think we can do more Super Power releases in the future @bionicskillzart said:

  • administrators

    Well, the clocks have changed, spring is in the air and the call of the kickass beckons - we're hoping for May / June to kickstart :) @Panda

  • @kandyman This is pleasing news indeed. I look forward to tomorrow as if it were yesterday....

  • Does that mean Kandy Kustom Season is almost upon us?

  • administrators

    We'd be happy to hear from you Franck! whatever you spend on a custom movie, we match so essentially we share half the costs.... it's an expensive business film making but we try and make it reasonable for you guys. Drop me a line at

  • @franck Depends on a number of factors... number of people involved, setting, wardrobe, etc.

    Telling you what I paid for mine would be misleading, so you should drop a note with as many details as possible to @Kandyman and get an estimate.

    All I can really tell you is that it's not cheap but it's worth every penny. 💰😜

  • lol jade i have a question for you ?

    do you know the prize for making the movie with kandyman ?

  • You don't need ask Kandyman! 😆

    Kix is ever the ray of kickass sunshine that brightens every day! ☀

  • hi kandyman

    thank you very mutch for this movie with the star kix.

    i can't wait friday cloth was beautiful

  • I can NEVER get enough of Kix🤣I can't wait 'til Friday

  • administrators

    How would a little bit of Kix grab ya?

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