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    IT'S HERE.....and AISH returns in a 3 costume epic! The blackbelt ballerina is a whirlwind of action!

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    BEHIND THE SCENES EXCLUSIVE! More Aish in this rather marvellous 2 minute bts clip.

  • I would like to echo…echo….echo…(ok, I think you get the point) Panda’s comments on this film.

    Aish is a force of nature & smokin’ hot.

    In short, absolutely love ALL aspects of this film.

    The high-kicks (my go to) are off the charts here!!

    The outfits are superb (although I rather feel I should get a discount for funding some of them from my Customs…..that’s a joke by the way....nice to see them deployed elsewhere).

    This has cemented in my mind more DG sponsored Aish outings. She’s way too good not to consider for further custom films!!

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    Thanks Panda. I've always been amazed by Aish since the day we signed her - she has everything! such agility, power, poise and balance and when she hits....she really hits, it's amazing how much power she puts into every strike.

  • Loved this latest Kandy film. Aish, the black belt ballerina, pulls off some nice fight scenes while looking amazing. I also enjoyed the extra length of this movie as well. Well done Kandy team.

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