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    I am so sorry to hear about the quiche!

  • Good spot chaps and shame on me for missing your most excellent hint Dizzy. Her legs are simply stunning, quite literally of course! And once the boots are donned, oh my days! I got so distracted I forgot I had a quiche in the oven. It is irreparably burnt so I reckon Legs owes me one, preferably spinach and feta. .

  • Yes ! she gets knocked out during the fight, lovely legs, crop top, PERFECT ! I am buying everything that goes with this norm, please film the girl a little bit longer when she is out or carry her while unconsious :)

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    Well DG and Penguin.... you know your Kandygirls 😎 ...... TODAY'S RELEASE IS OUT NOW! LEGS 11 STARS IN KICKASS AND RECREATION

  • I will guess it's none other than Ms. Legs 11. That tush is to die for though, not to mention the legs.

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    I thought Kix at first, but the hair makes me hesitate to be 100% sure.

  • Bad luck Dizzy. That's grim.

    That's gotta be Kix! I'd recognise those [insert appropriate noun] anywhere!

  • I'd say (to paraphrase a certain member of Spinal Tap) that those legs go to 11......

    Not a bad line for a bloke whose car got broken into overnight!!!

  • hi jade

    for me the girl who wearing this clothes is kix and for you ?

    pass a good day

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    That is one, err... striking piece of clothing. 😲

    I will be looking forward to seeing who the lovely girl wearing it is. 😌

  • It takes a hell-of-a-tush to distract me from a lovely pair OTK boots on great legs.....................That's one hell-of-a-tush! Please give us the video teaser ASAP K'man.

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