STRICTLY KICKASS.....starring Jade

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    COMING SOON TO KAK! Lady Jade is catsuited and leather booted and on a solo mission....

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    How do you mean 'removed from our list of clips'?

    I have no idea why Daily Motion decided to remove the trailer.... you're right, there's no difference between this and any of our other trailers!

  • @kandyman First the trailer was removed, now you removed it from your list of clips. What's the reason? How is the content here any different from the other videos?

  • @opponent12

    Thank you.

    It's nice to know it's not just myself & k'man who get a kick out of my customs!!

    Got a few more lined up for next season...

    Roll on Spring!!!

  • @Panda It was WHO DARES KICKASS, and it was great too lol, all of DG's customs are tbh...

  • As a self proclaimed Kick Ass Kandy Konnoisseur, I loved this movie starring Jade but I was curious to see DG's reference to Jade in a ballgown. Did I miss that, which film is that? I'd love to see Jade kick ass in ballgown!

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    Fear not .... there are still a few more Jade films to come and as Pharrell one said, No-one Ever Really Retires.... or was that Dies?

  • That is just depressing. She is such a gorgeous girl and love her moves and, well, just everything! Mark me as sad.

  • @opponent12

    Actually cannot recall if there are anymore to come with Jade.

    I think there are but my customs with her are now all out there I think - seccy, Ninja, ball gown, hot pants & catsuit. Think that's it.

    I believe she's now retired from KAK. Big shame....

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    Glad you like it and YES it's one of DGs finest creations! She is a class act.... she loves a good fight :)

  • @Dizzy-Goon What? Is this her last movie? Her and Diva have been my favorites since the ninja movies :(... It sucks that she didn't get to solo more in her movies.

  • She looks amazing !!! Is she challenged in this one?

  • She is utterly gorgeous! Love the attitude and of course, the karate chop is always a nice touch!

  • K'man

    Jade is the most stylish Kandy Girl ever to have been on your books.

    I hope you can encourage her back for one more turn.....


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