Kandy Girls untouched by opponents

  • I was going over my kickass collection and I noticed something. Of all the girls that have fought under Kandyman's banner, is Jade the only one that has never been hit by a male or female opponent? Is there another KandyGirl besides her that is still untouched

    1. @kandyman well yes sir. An impressive task indeed. Well done. Jade retires undefeated and in perfectin. That is what makes the stat so awesome. I would keep the stats of the guys loosing, but I can't count to infinit

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  • @Ghost999

    Lol Vixen got beaten via taser by "Austin Flowers," it was pretty funny tbh.

  • Jade was chloroformed in one mission ! @Ghost999

  • Dont think that things would change. But the stats are quiet impressive. All the signature kandy girls have suffered at least one defeat. AJ, Hi Kikx amd Vixen. The most beatens taken is kikx, but she has more videos.

    Suprisingly the only kandygirl to suffer a defeat from a male opponent has been AJ... That stat is just unbelivable. Of all the kandy girls she has been defeated by a male opponent... and it was a nobody. A random thug. Just wow.

  • I hope she gets knocked out in this one :) :) @Ghost999

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