• Hey K'man, I just noticed this on the side of the website as a "prize" for people checking out this website when it was new... The link doesn't work any more so is there any chance we could at least buy it as a re-release?

  • Wow! Just wow! I been here since the site started. Movies weren't downloadable but they were free. I don't mind giving Kandyman and the girls my cash, though.

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    YUP..... we actually shot our very first film this month 10 years ago! We'll be celebrating our anniversary in 2018 in earnest so stay tuned... and i think it is about time you upped your subs!

  • @kandyman


    My....how time flies.

    Must have invested at least £50 in this venture by now. Mighty good value for £5 per annum I must say.

    I assume everyone else took out that lifetime membership option Day 1? 😉

    We do indeed need a ‘Bring back AJ’ movement on the site, good idea.

    I may even up my contributions to £7.50 pa if she came back for a one-off (although frankly you may as well make half a dozen if the opportunity presents itself)!!

  • @kandyman O ok, that sounds good, thanks for the reply!

  • For such a momentous occasion, maybe we could get a brand new full length kickasskandy film starring the original Kandygirl herself, AJ as a surprise. I know she recently did Kandy Crisis and I have nothing against the series but I much prefer her original kickasskandy work in which she wears a catsuit and boots to beat up a bunch of men. I think it would be a great celebration for the anniversary since it harkens back to the beginning. Unlikely as it is, I can dream right? 😆

    By the way, congratulations on reaching such a huge milestone Kandyman. Hope to see many more years of kickass to come!

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    Wow, that's going back a long long time! maybe i'll give it away again in our 10 year anniversary....which is very soon!

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