2017 Top Films

  • Wow what a years thanks kickasskandy for a great year. I'd like to hear everyone's top 3 films for the year. I love the Catsuits, High kicks and attitudes.

    3. Who Dares Kickass (Aish)

    2. The Kickass Fury. (Wow that catsuit)

    1. Justice Kandy (Aish is amazing. Catsuit, high kicks, hope to see more in 2018) Loved the length of the film too.

    Thats mine whats yours?

  • Being a huge Cat fan, I've gonna have to say the Atomic Kick-Ass Trilogy as my Favourite 3

  • 1. Justice Kandy (Aishhhhhhh awesome)

    2. Who dare kickass (Aish and Jade sexy and lethal)

    3. Natural born kick ass (Vixen: a must)

    Go man go!!

    Best, Andrea

  • 1. Who Dares Kickass

    2 The Kickass Defender

    3.Underground Kickass (Can we get all videos to be 50-60 fps?)

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    Who needs reality! We couldn't have a DG Top 3 without Jade in there! As the quintessential lady spy she's DG through and through!

  • In reality it is very hard to narrow this down to only 3 films……..

    I would say:-

    1. Anything with Jade/Blaze in it (slightly selfish bias there)

    2. Anything with Diva in it (wow….what a woman!!!)

    3. Then it’s really a tie between films containing Sex Panther (as sexy as sexy gets) & Erika (for me the best legs in Christendom).

    Having said that I’m also a big fan of Skarlett……

    You see, it’s a toughie.

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    JADE Great choices and looks like Diva and the wardrobe department played their parts well for you. I have to admit, those are 2 of the best FF films we've ever made!

    ITALY Glad to see you loved your custom movie Warrior Queen - let's make another one this season! Castle Kickass is an interesting choice, Kix was made for that dress!

    TAPOUTOS Mortal Kickass is a running theme for top 3 places! maybe we need to get another ring fight for next season too. Nice to see Cat making the top 3 too.

    SEX PANTHER LOVER glad to see you like.... Sex Panther, she's a remarkable performer indeed!

  • 1. Mortal Kickass - Kix is great here and the victory pose on the end is a masterpice.

    2. Justice Kandy - Aish is super hot again. if this clip contained victory pose scenes it would be definately at first place.

    3. Atomic Kick Ass FInal - Cat is great when she is have men under her boots !

  • 1) Kickass Warrior Queen, Best film ever and fantastic KIX

    2) Mortal Kickass

    3)Castle Kickass

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    I will be showing my biases with my choices, but I think the very best movies of 2017 were:

    1. KICKASS FEMMEWARS: The very top of the F/F crop this year in Kandyland, featuring all three of my favorite Kandygirls Kix, Diva and Aish absolutely wailing on each other, wearing absolutely stunning outfits. The only thing that could've improved on it was to put them on a ring, or giving Aish an outfit that showed off her abs, but at this point that would just be me being a glutton. 😏
    2. KANDY CRISIS #13: CHAMPIONS GAME: You have Diva, you have gravity and physics defying outfits, you have F/F, you have F/M... it's like you went inside my head and pulled out a checklist.😜
    3. MORTAL KICKASS: You know how much of a sucker I am for ring battles. You know how much of a sucker I am for Kix in that top. So you knew this one had to be included in this list. 😍

    And of course, special mentions must go out to SUICIDE FEMMES, UNDERGROUND KICKASS, MOUNT KICKASS and KICKASS KANDYBAR (Erica really needs to make her F/F debut one of this days 😋

  • As my name suggests I would rank the latest film Kick Ass Fury as my favourite ever Kickass movie! Dannii Harwood is a goddess - that body, that face, that athleticism.... she has everything you could possibly wish for and more! Not only was she in latex and heels but catsuit and boots! My heart almost stopped when i saw her high kicking in those thigh high leather boots! PLEASE KANDYMAN - MAKE LOTS MORE WITH DANNII!!!

    Here are my other favourites:

    WHO DARES KICKASS - those sexy little ladies combined to make this a classic! Aish and her high kicks and Jade with her absolute cutesy beauty!

    NUCLEAR KICKASS - Diva in that catsuit. Need I say more!

    NATURAL BORN KICKASS - Vixen is an all time favourite too - she is one hell of a woman and she seems to genuinely pack a punch that could kill!

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    Nice combination there platOnic. An Aish, a Vixen and a Kix. Maybe Amber is due a comback for 2018!

  • Aish probably stands out amongst the Veterans Kix and Vixen in 2017...

    1) Justice Kandy

    2) Natural Born Kickass

    3) Mortal Kickass

    we're missing Amber in 2017 though..

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    Loving this thread! So it seems Aish wins best newcomer for last year! Glad you liked her. I'd love to hear from more of you guys!

  • Great idea for a thread! My top 3 are:

    3. Enter the Kickass (A great long video with Jade and Blaze making a great team with plenty of fights. It was the last I remember to feature Blaze so I hope we see more of her in the future.

    2. Guardian of the Kickass (Although her first appearance was in Atomic Kickass, I consider this Haywire's true debut since she featured prominently throughout this film. Her fighting skills were amazing as well as her ability to take hits. Hope we get to see her in a catsuit in 2018.)

    1. Blade Kickass (My favorite film of the year. I believe this film featured Aish and Erica's best fights of their kickass careers so far. The fights were fast and furious with Aish having to overcome a powerful opponent by fighting harder than ever before. Erica also incorporated a staff in an awesome way and I'm not usually a fan of Kandygirls using weapons.)

    Honorable mentions go to

    Kandyheist (Diva in a catsuit. Enough said)

    Underground Kickass (Diva's skills only seem to get better)

    Strictly Kickass (Jade in a catsuit taking out many men is always great)

    Kickass and Recreation (Legs 11 is a great new addition and I hope she returns to do more films in 2018)

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