NEW RELEASE! Jan 12: AISH and CAT star in The Kickass Authority

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    Well, after you guys submitted your Top 3s of 2017 how could I not take note that AISH was the MVK (Most Valuable Kandygirl) getting most critical acclaim SO... we're releasing this wonderful Aish movie where she wears not one but TWO catsuits with her boots and performs some more of her mesmerising stunts. She is joined by the disarmingly beautiful but alarmingly brutal Cat wearing what can only be described as her hottest outfit EVER. With every film you'll be getting a 228 image PHOTOSET included in your package to fully appreciate the girls' style!

  • This is the "Koming of Kandy" film for Aish. Great movie......Aish is a stand out.....all that potential in a full-on fiery display. Definitely one of the best KAK films in recent times.

    Aish is fast becoming a favourite of mine.


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    Wait no more! Aish and Cat are out and about..... in fully destructive glory!

  • I literally can't wait. Aish is red hot. She really is the complete package. As for Cat, I think I'm in love with her 💞

  • Looks like a cool new Video, as much as I like Aish, I Prefer Cat, and damn does she look Good, looks like the same or Similar outfit she wore in the Atomic Kick-Ass Series,

    I always seem to buy everything with Cat in, so looks like another purchase will come on Friday ^^

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