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    Hello Kandyland, i'm excited to announce that we have 2 new Moderators on the board to keep the banter flowing.... the 2 elected officials are the irrepressible Jade Owl and vivacious Dizzy Goon! Between the 3 of us we'll get the conversation and content up to where it belongs!

  • @kandyman

    Yes....yes I did.

    It’s a black Golf.

    You see the game changing dynamic I’m now bringing to this Site as a moderator?!!! 🤟🏻

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    You bought a new motor?? @Dizzy-Goon

  • @kandyman

    Very conscious that I haven’t contributed anything material since been given ‘the keys to the City’ - that’s not Man City I hasten to add!!

    Ideas are buzzing around my head but confess I’ve been a touch busy what with running a business, going skiing with mates, buying a motor, looking after a small child, planning a wedding & writing two (soon to be shot) Sex Panther customs....

    I’m sure the “buying a motor” aspect stood out most?!! 😀

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    Poetic! 😇 it is us that is honoured! @JadeOwl

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    Indeed I could not feel more honored by the sacred trust entrusted to me by His Most Exalted Kandyness.

    Together with the illustrious Don Dizzy Goon, I will do my utmost to light the fires of discourse and help us all reap the benefits of our shared creativity, that we may continue to exalt the martial virtues of the Kandygirls, those worthy daughters of Athena and Aphrodite. 😍

    Experientia Mutua Omnibus Prodest, if I may steal someone else’s motto and apply it to these most excellent boards! 😁

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  • Surely this must be the knighthood equivalent in the Kandyworld? Psyduck

  • @kandyman

    No pressure then?!!!! 😀

    It is a great honour to have been recognised in this manner by his Royal Kandyness.

    I would like to thank my family, the green keepers (the course was presented in immaculate condition), the caterers, King Kenny & lastly (but certainly not leastly) the Kandy without them there is no KAK!!!

    I’m sure J Owl Esq feels similarly proud...if perhaps a touch less random in his appreciation.

    I see that our first remit is to “get the conversation & content up to where it belongs”.

    Perhaps now time to channel our collective inner Joe Cocker & Jennifer Warnes?

    But how do you improve on perfection, he asks somewhat obsequiously?!

    Guess we’ll find out....

    Thanks again K’man. It’s a true honour.


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