VIX, KIX and JADE in Battle for the Planet of the Kickass!

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    @kandyman said:

    Never say never! also, enjoy your last 24 hours in 2nd place Mr Goon 😈

    I can vouch for this!*

    I waited 16 months before my first custom went into production because Kix had taken up a music career at the time and it was unknown if she'd ever come back. Eventually, not only did I got her, but the timing ended up working in my favor because we were able to get an even better opponent for her (it was an F/F). Look at these and tell me I'm wrong!

    Good things come to those who wait! 😁

    * The never say never part. My powers of foresight fails when it comes to the arcane and byzantine dealings of far Albion's league.

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    Never say never! also, enjoy your last 24 hours in 2nd place Mr Goon 😈

  • @penguin2

    Mate....I have tried, but I fear Jade is now an Ex-Kandy Girl....😑

    Whilst this was not my film, as good as it is, she was my ‘muse’ for some time but things move on.

    On the plus side my x2 new customs with Sex Panther are being filmed next week & Liverpool are 2nd in the league. Hooray!!

  • I hope Jade does more, she is a real find. Classy, pretty, and with an attitude. [not that the other's aren't as well] She is just a favorite.

  • someone had posted on another thread that Jade was retiring from/ leaving KAK. If that's not the case, and she intends to stick around, then that is a game changer for sure.@kandyman

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    no - why would you think that? @opponent12

  • @kandyman but isn't this Jades' last flick :(....

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    Haha, it is our Justice League! @Panda

  • This is like the “Justice Kandy League”. The greatest collection of Kandygirls in one film; all in black; and all in OTK boots. Visually stunning!!!!

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