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    JADE and ERICA star in this weeks new release! IT IS AMAZING and if you don't believe me, check these stills out! Not only do you get a 14 minute film but you also get 189 stills photoset! UNBELIEVABLE value!

    **** I accidentally forgot to click OFF on the delivery / shipping charge but it's all fixed now! *****

  • @kandyman

    Confess I do love that my very tongue in cheek ‘catchphrase’ for Jade of “Ok Yah” (as she delivers a killer karate chop) is now part of her fabric in KAK films.....

    To some extent my work here is done!!! 😀

  • Cracking film.

    It has Jade (so a great start) & Erika (so a great middle) & lots of tongue in cheek comedy (a great end).

    I have my outfit more or less sorted for when (or if) Jade ever returns!!! 😉

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    Poshest spy on the planet!

  • Jade sure has some very nice legs

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