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    TO THE GREAT PEOPLE OF KANDYLAND.... IT WAS 10 YEARS AGO THIS WEEKEND THAT WE SHOT OUR FIRST EVER KICKASSKANDY MOVIE!! and with the help of you incredibly wonderful, loyal fans, we've been growing ever since! We have now shot 275 MOVIES and we're loving it as much as ever!!

    So, over the course of the year, we're going to be having a bit of fun and if you follow us on Twitter or are a member of this board and regularly visit then you may notice a series FLASH SALES scattered randomly. These will include BIG reductions on certain movies and photosets, classic Kandygirl wardrobe items for sale and even the chance to get personalised messages from the Kandygirls themselves.


    To kick off our anniversary, we've reduced the first 3 films we ever made to 99p. The first time movie we ever shot was CITIZEN KICKASS, closely followed by 2001: A SPACE KICKASS and THE KICKASS STRIKES BACK. 2 films with the superstar AJ and 1 film with the immortal KIX.





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    Col, you were always a superstar Colin, albeit a totally hapless stuntman ;) I think, touch wood, that's the only black eye, we ever had in 10 years! @colosbor

  • Always had loads of fun and laughs on set with the guys and girls. Being a really bad stuntman to Taking loads of photos of the team Heres to the next 10 years xx Colin xx Up the Irons

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    Thanks Panda - we love working on your Customs too....i'm not sure if people realise but that beautiful handmade WonderWoman costume was bought by Panda and I'm sure we can all agree it's been put to some pretty good use! @Panda

  • My belated congratulations to K'man and all the Kandy Krew for such a fantastic journey. Every second Friday still can't come soon enough for me!

    Loved being able to work with the team to produce great customs and I really hope to keep seeing quality KICK ASS KANDY for some time to come.

    Best regards to everyone


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    Thanks Pengy, we are not worth!! @penguin2

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    Iconic! @Nikon-Dave

  • @kandyman Congrats on 10 years [Already???] of doing your fantastic work. Gorgeous girls, great films and amazing moves. You guys are the BEST!!!!!

  • @kandyman

    Mmmmmmmm, Kristina Wayborn!

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    Now that is a good question Steve and i'll tell you in greater detail at some point.... let's just say it was a combination of watching Octopussy, meeting Sasha Jackson, wondering why nobody had crafted FM action movies on a weekly scale before@SteveT

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    Thanks Bionic and we'd love to see some more of your artwork!! @bionicskillzart

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    No chance! we're filming with her tomorrow! @Dfingo

  • While we're reminiscing, Kandyman, what gave you the idea for the site in the first place?

  • Happy anniversary to Kickass Kandy! To you Kandyman and all the hard work you do with the crew! And to the diehard fans who made commissions that helped keep this going. I'm honored to have been one of the first to be part of our community. Much love to all Kandygirls past, present and future! Bring on more catsuits and boots!

  • @Graves78 Thank you. Vixen is just awesome in every way. And great post, totally agree with all of it

  • @kandyman Thank you, I think so. Has Vixen officially retired now?

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    Anchorkandy could well be one of the all time greats! @Dfingo

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    Thanks@Graves78 We've loved all your contributions too and you have one hell of a collection, which hasn't gone unnoticed :) I love your encyclopaedic knowledge of all things Kandy, each of these girls in their own way - we should have a poll some time this year for an Award Ceremony - with you guys choosing categories and winners because even though they may not be the greatest ever Kandygirls the likes of Emmanuelle, Sapphire, Blaze and Aish took us to a new level of gymnastic / balletic action and unleashed a whole world of creativity.

    Great first choice of movie, it'd be interesting to hear other peoples first films too. AJ was our first ever Kandygirl and in those days we had a storyline and just made it up as we went along - then we got serious!

  • Wow. Congratulations! 10 years already? Unbelievable!

    This site gave me so much joy and great moments! I still remember my very first KAK movie I've bought (One Flew Over the Kick Ass' Nest). The movie was an instant, timeless classic, but even greater was the impact of the wonderful revelation that there are people who share my fantasies and produce whole movies to make them true. After spending countless hours with a VCR remote in my hand just to catch one or two fleeting seconds of F/M fights in tv shows, the discovery of was an intoxicating experience.

    Since that moment, I've became a faithful follower of this site, and my collection now consists of more than 140 KAK movies. (At one time, I even made it my goal to write a detailed review of every KAK movie in existence..) I remember the defining moments of the site : the first photoset; the first storyline spanning more movies (Kick Ass Identity/ Supremacy/Ultimatum); the first f/f fight; the first hint of BAK girls; the first customs... And, of course. the introduction of every new Kandygirl: Sydney, Minx, Mata Hari, Bambi, Foxy, Jet, Emmanuelle, Cat, Aish, Jade, Blaze, Sapphire, Casey... impossible to list hem all, but each is with her own beauty and unforgettable moments. (Also, let me grab this opportunity to give my heartful thanks to all the great stuntmen whose dedication and professionalism made these movie so much more believable and enjoyable.)

    And it's still possible to raise the bar. After all this time and movies, I'm still amazed each time at the introduction of a new heroine or a new fighting choreography, thniking that "Wow, Kandyman did it AGAIN!"

    You're the best!

    P.S. Dfingo, "IronKandy" was a custom by you? Much kudos to you, mate - that movie is one of my absolute favorites, and I use it as both a reference and inspiration for the custom I have in the planning...

  • @kandyman

    Well done to the best site out there. I think the best thing is that in the videos people don`t take themselves too seriously and it has a sense of humour. Improvement has been continuous throughout the ten years with the exception of the sound effects (can`t let you rest on your laurels too much, can we?). Personally, I am not a fan of the crunching sound when the goons get kicked in the face. Looking forward to the next ten years.😌

  • Congratulations on 10 glorious years! Great to see "The Kickass Strikes Back" again - AJ's beauty and confident attitude (plus of course the catsuit and boots) are a delight.

    My only request for the future is that a bit of teasing and taunting (such as AJ displays in the above film) are a great accompaniment to the physical action.

    Here's to plenty more great titles in the future.

  • @Dfingo O yeah those were good clips! And no I never ordered any customs, I cant get away with spending that much on one thing :(

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    Where does the time go? It seems only yesterday that I first laid eyes upon your videos, and now it has been 10 years! And 5 since I commissioned by first custom!⏳

    And here we are, surrounded by a sea of copycats, but the original still cannot be beaten. 👍

    Congratulations from the bottom of my heart! You will undoubtedly continue to set the standard for another decade!🍻

  • @opponent12. AnchorKandy was my first custom but I also commissioned IronKandy also with the delectable Vixen. Have you had any customs made @opponent12

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    GREAT IDEA...... Here's AJ starring in 'Death by Fishnets'........

  • @Dfingo Which clip was your custom?

  • @kandyman

    Do you think we could still get AJ's "Death by Fishnets" video pretty plz?

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    Cheers DfingoDan - I remember that custom well! I think Vixen and Kix surpass themselves each year, I genuinely think they are 2 of the greatest KickAss girls who've ever lived. Thanks for the compliment too - for us, making these films is far from routine, we're always looking for something different each time to keep things fresh and interesting! @Dfingo

  • @kandyman. Wow guys congratulations on 10 years of incredible service. Really enjoyed your films over the years, especially the ones where Vixen starred. It was just over 7 years ago now that I asked you for my first ever custom. It was with Vixen and I still to this day think it is the best F v M clip in the entire world, Vixen was just incredible. You’ve set the standard in kickass films for years now with competitors trying to compete but not reaching up to your high quality products. Thanks so much for doing what you do. Don’t know where I’d be without my little bit of Kandy now and again. Cheers guys 🍻. Dan

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