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    Every so often we get them but i'm amazed we don't get more! We had the hospital debacle in August caused by Kix's kick to stuntman JS's eye and then Vixen goes and pulls her hamstring…. in the rehearsal before the first fight! She's ok now and its a testament to her incredible pain threshold and professionalism that she filmed on for 2 days! If we can edit it in time, Vixen will be bringing in Christmas with a fantastic film inspired by Murder She Wrote - its got a different feel to the others and Vixen has arguable never been sexier!

  • I don't feel qualified to debate the price of the films at the moment as I have been without Kandy for several months (you'd think 70 hours overtime a month might leave me a tenner spare but no) However, I don't think anyone could argue with the price the latest Vixen film is retailing at. It's Vixen for Gods sake, I mean just look at her!

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    Well - i put it to the panel and a compromise price was found.

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    OK - its a deal. Here's the trailer….

    - tell me what you think! The film is almost 12 minutes in length.

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    Vixen has already sent word from the Full Moon party in Kho Pangan - I just couldn't understand a word of it! odd that.

    Anyway - I want to canvass anyone's opinion that bothers to read this thread. Vixen's update is this Friday, there's loads of punching, ballbusting, kneeing and kicking but there's only a bit of those legendary sky high high kicks (flashback sequences to other KAK films) - its still a fantastic film, especially the bits when she goes back to her computer to write her screenplay, describing the battering she just gave to the thugs. But, do you think a price reduction is warranted? I don't want a whole host of kick fans complaining!

  • A well earned rest Vixen. Escape the colder weather in Thailand after a fantastic year of kicking butt. Perhaps you could even pick up a few muay thai moves to use in future films while there?

  • Hi Vixen.

    Thanks for your lines. It's fantastic to know about your thoughts, and especially to know you are fine. Well, to know you are healed since you´ve been always fine, gorgeous and amazing :D

    You are my favorite Kandy Girl, so I am looking forward to watch your new video. Hoping to watch you in tons of videos to come ahead specially wearing that black catsuit and those great boots you wear, and kneeing many bad guys with wide open shots. :)

    Have fun in your trip, I really envy you, and have a great 2011 as well as you all guys.

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    Thanks for your messages guys! I'm fine, I was just practicing one of my high kicks on the stuntmen's faces and something pinged! I should have warmed up properly but then again we were filming in bloody freezing conditions (Kandyman!!!!!). However, we just watched the edit back and we're not happy with the quality of the cut yet - it has to pass a pretty tough test to get through and its not quite there! Kandyman assures me that we have another film that has passed the test being launched on Friday instead - its got Mata Hari in it and he says its even better - cheeky bugger!!!

    You'll love my film when it does come out because in it i'm writing my screenplay in my lair and I give some of the guys from my past films a good going over and then write (talking aloud) about how good I was, what i did to them and how damn sexy it was :) There's still loads of high kicking action in it though as Kandyman has cleverly cut in my memories of the original films where i beat the guys up (in a dream sequence).

    Anyway - Merry Christmas to you all! i'm off travelling for a bit…. see you on the beaches of Thailand!

    Loads of lurve xxxxx


  • Hope she's alright. Rather her be, than put herself at risk so I can get my jolly's. Feel better Vixen!!!!

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