New S.Pan Movie! OUT NOW!!

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    The new Sex Panther movie is out tomorrow!!

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    Thanks @Panda. We hadn't worked with Dannii for years and it was the first time we took KAK on Tour to the Seaside where she lives. Dannii has all the moves and her character is unmistakably different from all the other Kandygirls....we purposely play up her glamour model persona for effect!

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    I can vouch for that!! 2 incredible films with 1 incredible Kickass Agent!

  • @Panda

    Well then old boy are you in for a treat as I’ve just had x2 customs shot with her!!!

    They are utterly mind blowing (as you would imagine)

    No doubt K’man will release them into the wild at a suitable juncture. 😉

  • The last two Sex Panther movies have been fantastic.

  • If its anything like the last one with her, gonna be noice :)

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