KAK quiz (+chance to win a free movie)

  • I've put together a little quiz to help celebrate the anniversary of the site. If you're interested , just post your answers here! Kandyman has kindly offered a free movie of his or her choice to the one who can first give the correct answer to all questions (or - if no one succeeds - to the one who gets the most correct answers). I'll post the solutions on Sunday.

    If you like this chance to test your knowledge of this site, please let me know, because I've already made a few other KAK quizzes which I'll gladly share with you in the near future!

    Let's begin!

    1. Which James Bond title hasn’t been used for a KAK movie?

    a/ The Spy Who Loved Me

    b/ A View to a Kill

    c/ The Living Daylights

    d/ From Russia With Love

    e/ Skyfall

    2. Which movie featured the very first KAK f/f fight scene?

    a/ Rebel Without a Kick Ass

    b/ The Kick Ass Supremacy

    c/ Kickass : Code White

    d/ Kickass Supersoldier

    e/ Fatal Bad Ass

    3. According to the movie descriptions, which two Kandygirls are blood relatives?

    a/ Silver and Gold

    b/ Hi-Kix and AJ

    c/ Jet and Red

    d/ Bambi and Foxy

    e/ Sydney and Minx

    4. Former Kandygirl Mata Hari was featured in the Hollywood movie…

    a/ Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

    b/ The Expendables 2

    c/ Live Free or Die Hard

    d/ Charlie’s Angels

    e/ The Fast and the Furious

    5. In which Hollywood blockbuster appeared a KAK stuntman (in a speaking role!)?

    a/ Skyfall

    b/ Iron Man 3

    c/ The Hobbit : An Unexpected Journey

    d/ The Dark Knight

    e/ Minority Report

    6. Which former Lara Croft model appeared in KAK movies?

    a/ Vanessa Demouy

    b/ Nell McAndrew

    c/ Lara Weller

    d/ Karima Adebibe

    e/ Allison Carrol

    7. Who isn’t a member of the BAK team?

    a/ Bombshell

    b/ Red

    c/ Silver

    d/ Gold

    e/ Amazon

    8. Which movie takes place in an office setting?

    a/ Kandyheist

    b/ Kickass Security

    c/ Undercover Kandy

    d/ Indecent Kickass

    e/ A Fistful of Kandy

    9. In the movie „The Devil Wears Kick Ass”, how many different boots/shoes does AJ wear?

    a/ 2

    b/ 4

    c/ 8

    d/ 10

    e/ 17

    10. Which movie does NOT feature the first appearance of a new Kandygirl?

    a/ The Kick Ass Identity

    b/ The Lion, the Witch and the Kick Ass (Part 1)

    c/ Get Kick Ass

    d/ The Girl With the Kick Ass Tattoo

    e/ Kickass Security

  • @Graves78 Not sure if I put entry below in properly, but meant to add thanks. Still have most titles on download. Took a chance to try some wild guesses mainly instead.

    Just had another check. Whoops! Received message about the quiz too late. Never mind; I've loads of KAK stuff on my computer...

  • @Graves78 1a 2b 3c 4d 5e 6e 7e 8c 9c 10b

  • @kandyman Very generous K’man, thank you

  • administrators

    Now that's nice sportsmanship - I'm going to extend the offer of a free film to you and to Kickassfan for taking part too! just let me know which one you like at admin@kickasskandy.com @Dfingo

  • Congrats Abercorn or should I say Professor Abercorn. Thanks Graves for taking the time to compile this quiz, great fun. Still loving all things Kandy❤️

  • Pants........timed out to get a shot at the prize here.

    Will deffo have a nibble at the 2nd one though!!!

    Superb commitment to all things KAK Graves78....👍

    (perhaps some sycophancy might earn me 1/2 a point in the event of a tie?!!!)

  • administrators

    Well done Abercorn! 10/10 is VERY impressive.... I wouldn't have got that! I didn't know the Mata / Harry Potter answer. The Quiz really took me down memory lane, some amazing memories and experiences over the last decade from all the amazing girls we've worked with to all the stunt guys and some of those really cool locations! Thank you Graves.

  • Thanks a lot Graves! I really did struggle on question 9 but I thought there was a chance it was meant to be a trick question because I remember on the forum a few years back Kandyman had a contest for the film The Lion The Witch and the Kickass in which one had to state how many times the girls said the word "blueprints" and he later clarified that it was the girls specifically and not just anytime it was spoken (like by the bad guys). I figured this was similarly specific (especially because 8 was an option on the multiple choice) but I guess I was overthinking it. I loved all of the questions though and was glad to have the chance to dig into my KAK knowledge.@Graves78

  • @kandyman

    Well, I promised that I'll post the solutions tomorrow, but it seems there won't be any new entry, so there's no reason to wait! The correct answers are:

    1. C

    2. B (I miss Mata Hari, too...)

    3. E

    4. A (She was one of the Beauxbatons girls )

    5. D (He appeared in the police station scene as one of the Joker's henchmen - the one who had the bomb and the mobile phone hidden in his body)

    6. E (The best Lara Croft of them all!)

    7. A

    8. C

    9. B or C (actually, I meant B as the correct answer, but - as Abercorn pointed out - the question was (unintentionally) ambigiously worded, so it would be unfair to reject the C answer)

    10. D

    Aaand the winner - who was the first to answer them all correctly - is ABERCORN! Congratulations! Please contact Kandyman for your prize!

    Thanks to everyone who participated and for the kind words! I made this quiz for the same reasons as Dfingo had written in his post: it's just so great to find an excuse to go over my movie collection one more time, reread the forums, bring back all the happy memories this site gave to me... I constucted these questions for those who feel the same. To solve them, it's not enough to take a quick look at the movie descriptions - one has to be thoroughly familiar with the site's contents and (for some questions) actually has to own the relevant movies themselves.

    Congratulations to the winner!

    I'll intend to post the next set of questions tomorrow, so stay tuned!

  • administrators

    So, when shall we do the reveal and winner announcement Graves? you're the boss, you decide.

  • @Graves78

    Nice idea @Graves78. I always thought if I went on Mastermind my specialist subject would be films from the world of Kandy. I put more study into this test then I did my A-levels many moons ago. Great questions it also makes me reminisce slightly when you go back over the films and ex K’girls like Red, Bombshell, Mata Hari etc. Last week I went back and bought Evil Jessica’s first film again, I lost it somewhere on my laptop and had to be reminded just how evil she was. Boy could that girl throw a right hook. Anyway here are my answers.

    1. C
    2. B
    3. E
    4. A - Ahhhh Mata Hari ❤️
    5. A
    6. E
    7. A
    8. C
    9. C
    10. D

    Good luck everyone 👍🏼

  • Man these are good questions!

  • administrators

    Don't worry Abs, with 2 respondents so far you have a 50/50 chance of winning anyway :) @Abercorn

  • Just realized I put my little disclaimer/clarification next to question 8 when I meant question 9 (the one about the devil wears kick ass). I'm not changing my answers, just pointing it out.

  • Great shout with the quiz Graves!

    My shot at the answers below:











  • administrators

    I LOVE THIS QUIZ!!! i'm not even sure if I'd get them all right 😜

  • I'm gonna throw my answers into the ring. I feel like my chances are pretty good. I did clarify my reasoning on one question though. Whether I'm right or wrong I do like the idea of quizzes Graves so I'd love to see more.

    1. C

    2. B

    3. E

    4. A

    5. D

    6. E

    7. A

    8. C (I'm going with exact words because you asked for different boots/shoes and not different PAIRS of boots/shoes)

    9. C

    10. D

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