KAK Quiz 2.0

  • As promised, here is the next set of questions for all KAK fans! This time, the winner will be randomly selected from those who give the biggest number of correct answers - so it's worth jumping in even at the last moment!

    I did my best to create intriguing questions and double-checked the solutions to avoid any mistakes; I sincerely hope I succeeded. I'll post the solutions on the next weekend.

    Have fun, and good luck!

    1. Which movie served as a direct inspiration for Kandyman to make this site?

    a/ Firecracker

    b/ China O’Brien

    c/ Dead or Alive

    d/ Octopussy

    e/ Spitfire

    2. One type of clothing which Vixen didn’t wear in any KAK movie is a….

    a/ kimono

    b/ gi

    c/ schoolgirl outfit

    d/ evening dress

    e/ Wonder Woman costume

    3. Which Kandygirl has the most photosets which aren’t accompanied by an actual KAK movie?

    a/ Aish

    b/ Emmanuelle

    c/ Jet

    d/ Hi-Kix

    e/ Skylar

    4. Which movie features a Kandygirl who is so secretive that we don’t even get to know her codename?

    a/ Justice Kandy

    b/ Kandywood

    c/ Faster, Kandygirls! Kill! Kill!

    d/ Despicable Kandy

    e/ The Girl Who Played With Kick Ass

    5. Which Kandygirl has been convinced onscreen to leave her former team and join the BAK girls instead?

    a/ Cat

    b/ Silver

    c/ Amazon

    d/ Gold

    e/ Red

    6. Which is the movie where none of the girls wears a shiny blue dress?

    a/ Kickass Supersoldier

    b/ Fatal Bad Ass

    c/ Big Kickass

    d/ JF Kickass

    e/ Pretty Kickass

    7. The number of headkicks (knees included) in”The Kickass Security” is…

    a/ 19

    b/ 28

    c/ 37

    d/ 45

    e/ 57

    8. Which Kandygirl starred in the most KAK movies?

    a/ Cat

    b/ AJ

    c/ Hi-Kix

    d/ Vixen

    e/ Silver

    9. Which Kandygirl didn’t have a solo mission?

    a/ Vixen

    b/ Foxy

    c/ Silver

    d/ Skylar

    e/ Electra

    10. Which Kandygirl took on the most enemies in one fight (all at the same time)?

    a/ Diva

    b/ Vixen

    c/ Sapphire

    d/ Hi-Kix

    e/ Jade

  • I didn’t participate as I had the same answers (with a lot of pin the tail on the donkey guesswork mind..) so took the view that there was nothing to be gained!!!

    However, with all these free films being banded around just goes to show how wrong I can be!!! 🙄😀

  • God bless you Kandyman! :) Thank you very much for the opportunity. Congratulations to the winner Abercorn! @kandyman

  • administrators

    one day soon my friend :) @Abercorn

  • Thanks for your generosity Kandyman and congrats to Divafan and Dfingo. Great job on another fantastic quiz Graves!

    Now that the quiz is over, Kandyman, can you tell us that story about question 4 that you mentioned? I've been curious ever since you brought it up.

  • administrators

    Well done again Abercorn! I love the fact you guys sat there and counted Aish's kicks! I think Abercorn deserves 2 free films for his double whammy and DivaFan and Dfingo deserve 1 film for such valiant efforts. Just message me and i'll send admin@kicksskandy.com

    MOST OF ALL thank you Graves for 2 excellent Quizes, the range and creativity in the questions were great and even stumped me! You sir deserve 3 free films so message me with your choices too please.

  • Ok, time's up!

    Let's see...

    1. D (but all five movies are f/m classics, you should definitely check them out)

    2. A

    3. C (a Jet vs. Builder or Jet, the Deadly Librarian movie would have been awesome...)

    4. B

    5. E (ithe dramatic event happened in "The Girl Who Played With Kick Ass")

    6. B

    7. E (yes, I actually counted them... There are much worse ways to spend the time...)

    8. C

    9. B

    10. A

    And the one who achieved a perfect 10/10 is... well... Abercorn again! :) Congratulatons!

    Though DIVAfan and Dfingo (both with 9 correct answers) surely weren't far behind!

  • I'll post the solutions tomorrow, so if someone still wants to participate, now's the time!

  • @Graves78

    Ok ding ding round 2:

    1. D

    2. A

    3. B

    4. B

    5. E

    6. B

    7. E

    8. C

    9. B

    10. A

  • administrators

    Wow..... should i even have a go? Number 4 stumped me so I had to look them up.... there's a funny story behind that one, maybe i'll tell you guys one day!

  • Don't know if I'm still eligible to win this one but I can't resist the chance to show my knowledge so here are my answers.

    1. D

    2. A

    3. C

    4. B

    5. E

    6. B

    7. E

    8. C

    9. B

    10. A

  • Looks like I'm the first participant. Good questions Graves78! Not sure about two of my answers but we shall see.

    1. D,

    2. A.

    3. C.

    4. D.

    5. E.

    6. B.

    7. E.

    8. C.

    9. B.

    10. A.

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