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    CUSTOM SEASON 2018 HAS KICKED OFF! If you've ever fancied having your wildest idea immortalised by the Kandygirls then now is your chance! This is the first custom season since 2016 and there are only a few slots available, so let's talk! I'd love to hear your ideas! Prices start at £599 (frozen at 2013 prices!). The window is not open for long so email me at

    We have been casting for new girls for the past 6 weeks... we started with 600 and whittled them down to 9! We also still have the amazing Vixen and Diva PLUS Kix will be returning to us this summer!!

  • @Panda

    It is indeed tasty....albeit a touch dry.

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    I can confirm that the from start to finish the process of commissioning a custom from Kandyman is a delight.

    You will get your heart's desire, believe me.

  • Commissioning a Kandy custom is one of life’s great pleasures. Sir Kandyman has just booked a date for my next Custom and I’m so excited that I’m close to spontaneous combustion 💥. My advice wack it on a 0% credit card and pay it off as and when. Seriously won’t regret it.

  • Oh, and Bamboo as well!

  • I agree with DG. I keep coming back!

    I love Kandy!


  • Making a custom KAK film is simply a brilliant experience.

    If you haven’t done one yet I recommend you save up & do it.

    Maybe not quite to the obsessive scale of some....😉😀....but do it nonetheless.


    Ps. You may well see some new DG utter belters during the course of 2018. 👍🏻

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    Partnering up is a good idea! please be quick though as the season ends in 1 month! @Ghost999

  • My dream is to get a KAK custom since the site was cas created. It is just not financially possible for me. Is it frowned upon if I partner up with someone for a custom?

  • I've answered in a PM @Abercorn

  • I'll second that statement Graves. I highly recommend it too. Currently I only had one custom made (Nuclear Kickass) and the quality was amazing. Kandyman clearly cares about giving customers a great value. I may not be able to afford one this year but for anybody who does have the funds and may be on the fence I don't think you'll regret taking the plunge.

    By the way Graves, I'm curious. Has your film been released on the site? If so, which one is it? @Graves78

  • I think that it's a great offer that every regular visitor of this site should seriously consider. I'll tell you why.

    I was thinking about a custom KAK movie for years. Even though I love these films as they are, there was always one thing or another I would have changed in them: put in some favorite fighting moves I've missed, omit some others that I'm not that keen of, crank up the taunting factor a little, see a Kandygirl execute a nice kick I've seen in an old movie etc. After long hesitation, I've recently made up my mind and made a custom with Kandyman.

    It was really a blast. The film was ready in a very short time, and in a quality that surpassed my wildest expectations. Not only all of my ideas - about the story, the scenes, the characters, the wardrobe and everything else - were realized, but the director actually refined and perfected them, putting in some new dialogue, scenes and fignting moves - faithfully sticking to my general requests and guidelines - which I didn't even think of but which fit in perfectly.

    Every part of the movie was top-notch (wardrobe, make-up, editing, choreography). The cast did a stellar job, too, they were clearly enjoying their roles and put in extra effort to make it more entertaining. The stuntmen were funny and professional, the main character's beauty and gracefulness are beyond words. The movie was even better than what I've envisioned while written the script.

    Yes, the price might be steep at the first (or even second or third) look, but - considering the work and dedication behind these films and the quality of the final product - I think it's actually very reasonable. For me, the movie I've got was surely worth it.

    I've thought before that it will be my one and only custom film. But now that I've seen it, I've already started amassing the funds for the next one...

  • I’ve sent you an email K’man

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    Given your track record with casting, I’m consumed by anticipation at the quality of the talent these 9 new girls will bring to bear. 😲

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