• Hello there, I'm big fan of your work, the videos here looks very interesting and your girls are gorgeous in special AISH AND CAT my favorites and also your new girl EDEN, I have made much custom videos and photo sets with another website almost same stuff from here, my custom videos have a plot,fighting scenes (kill target), someone peril, victory pose and always girls win, but my custom videos were about the 25 mins. to 50 mins. length, I can see than your videos are short and goes direct to the action and few ones have very short plot, maybe I could order some custom videos, but I don't know you budget, I will select my scripts with any short scenes. Don't worry about the outfits, I can send all them if are required, same like I do with my favorite website.

    Thanks for you attention and we talk soon

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    Hi Ruffman - let's see if we can work together then! the custom season is going until the end of June and we have only a limited number of shoots available so be quick! @The-Ruffian

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