WHO ARE THE SILENT ASSASSINS? Grand Theft Kickass out now!

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  • these masks... too bad. i hope it doesn´t become a trend in Kickasskandy :(

  • I'm real excited about this release, I wanted a assassin version of the kandies for awhile now since badass Kandy is no more. I love the vicioius side of the Kandies with them doing Brutal Beatdowns ( breaking their bones.) and then finishing them off with their bare hands ( Broken Necks and Crushed Larynxes.). hope get to ser more or a fair amount in the future.

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    GRAND THEFT KICKASS IS OUT NOW!! Starring the Silent(ish) Assassins.... Aish and Haywire, this one is NOT to be missed :)

  • @kandyman. 1 word. WOW!!!

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    You are incredibe Dfingo! you're right!! @Dfingo

  • @kandyman. After extensive research, Without question or shadow of doubt that is Aish’s perfectly formed buttocks 😊 And I imagine Erica and her equally perfectly formed buttocks are just out of shot.

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    any idea?


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