WHO ARE THE SILENT ASSASSINS? Grand Theft Kickass out now!

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  • I'd like to go on record as LOVING the assassin hoodie/masks outfit. They way they slink around, getting ready to strike? AMAZING. Love, love, love the female ninja "look."

    And the blonde's walk is just about the sexiest strut I've ever seen.

  • these masks... too bad. i hope it doesn´t become a trend in Kickasskandy :(

  • I'm real excited about this release, I wanted a assassin version of the kandies for awhile now since badass Kandy is no more. I love the vicioius side of the Kandies with them doing Brutal Beatdowns ( breaking their bones.) and then finishing them off with their bare hands ( Broken Necks and Crushed Larynxes.). hope get to ser more or a fair amount in the future.

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    GRAND THEFT KICKASS IS OUT NOW!! Starring the Silent(ish) Assassins.... Aish and Haywire, this one is NOT to be missed :)

  • @kandyman. 1 word. WOW!!!

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    You are incredibe Dfingo! you're right!! @Dfingo

  • @kandyman. After extensive research, Without question or shadow of doubt that is Aish’s perfectly formed buttocks 😊 And I imagine Erica and her equally perfectly formed buttocks are just out of shot.

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    any idea?


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