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    You're gonna love this one! That deadly duo of pocket dynamos are back, Mata Hari and Jet are going to whoop some major ass whilst looking totally angelic. Here's the trailer for you.

  • Wow. This is another one of my favorites. Cheers for short skirts and boots/heels (boots and high heels both work well for me, though maybe I favor the high heels a bit more). Jet's fight scene in the middle of the film was electric as she stalks her much larger but overmatched adversary down the hallway and mercilessly pounds him into submission. It was a great touch having him end up on his knees as she finishes him off with a series of brutal punches. The musical score for this part was fantastic, too. Great action beat. Everything seemed to come together in this one scene. Great work all around!

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    Well, this weeks update is Vixen… all on her lonesome!

  • I have a strong preference for a single KAK girl in each film beating down on several guys. I would love to see some neck breaks at the end to finish off the bad guys as well!

  • Hi Kandyman - my vote would be preference towards single deadly female films…like back in the good ol' Kandy days!!!....

    I think that these types of films were a lot more 'personal' when it came to fight scenes where the Kandygirl showed her physical superiority over the guy....especially in the 1:1 films where there was only one guy taking the beating....like in the Evil Jessica films....

    I think this will be very effective in the Bad Ass Kandy films when the bad girl takes out the good guy with a kill after 'toying' with her prey.....

    Keep up the good work!!

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    Thanks DG - we liked the Secretary thought from you guys, we'd have been nuts not to listen! I wonder, do people prefer the deadly duos or the single deadly female films? Is there a poll to be had?

  • Another increbible, fantastic, awesome film. The first fight of Mata Hari is absolutely fantastic. She shows all her superiority. Both the girls have a fantastic kickass attitude.
    Happy new year Kandyman and girls.

  • Great film Kandyman. The girls are magnificent. I would love to see Mata kicking ass in thigh high boot one day soon. I have all her films and I don't think we have had the pleasure yet.

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    Thanks Graves, loved your review and I promise not to give away any more plotlines in the future!

  • Many thanks for making this movie! It's truly amazing, a must for everyone! :)

    (Review added.)

  • Another outing of my favourite beige boots! Christmas has come early!! hang on a sec… it is Christmas. Best gift ever!

    Holy Night! this film is awesome. Hark the Kick Ass Angels fight so beautifully, it got my ding dong merrily on high ;)

    Superlatives can't describe how much i love KAK - you've made my life complete!! Full Metal Kick Ass is a fantastic way to see out an amazing year.


  • It's a biggest, it's a best and beyond… it's a KICK ASS! : )

    I totally love this film, I totally love the girls, they outfit, they kicks, they face, they legs, they voice...
    This is my new favorite!!!

    Thank you Kandyman, thank you Girls, and thank you everyone who make this!

    Merry kick ass! : )

  • They are awesome. I bet Commissioner Gordon calls them if he has a case too tough for Batman and Robin.

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    Then Santa should be worried that the Mata Hari, Jet, Kix, Vixen and AJ will come and kick his Reindeer ass if he doesn't! They're a fab duo that Mata and Jet aren't they!

  • I'm really worried now! It's Christmas Eve, but I'm convinced that Santa will be too busy watching Full Metal Kick Ass to deliver all the presents!

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    You really are in for a treat, the girls are awesome in this film, i quite pleased with the script too!

  • It certainly does look fantastic. Mata and Jet look stunning and they certainly do seem to be giving those poor blokes a severe kicking!

    Can I also take this opportunity to wish all board members, KM and of course all the Kandy Girls a very merry christmas and a kandy new year!

  • Oh my… This will be my most awaited Christmas since I grew up...

    A Mata Hari movie as a Christmas surprise!!! Almost too good to be true! :)

    And looking forward to seeing Jet - yet - again!! (Hehe...)

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