Kickass, Steel Heels & Seduction featuring Diva (Fan Story)

  • Part One

    She woke gracefully to the morning sunlight streaming in through her bedroom window. It was nice not having an alarm to wake up to everyday at 6am. Diva had recently been promoted to the highest-ranking positon in the Kandy Girl organization so she didn’t have to come into the office early every morning like she used to earlier in her career.

    Diva reached for her phone while still lying in bed. She had received two text messages overnight. The first message was from the Kandyman congratulating her on another successful mission from the night before. Diva had recaptured a hard drive containing information on the Kandy Girl organization and destroyed eight bad guys along the way, but that was a piece of cake for her. At the bottom of message, the Kandyman asked her to review some files that he would be emailing her shortly about her next mission that evening. The second text was from her boyfriend, Thomas, asking if she wanted to spend some time together that night. The last few missions had taken Diva away on a ‘business trip,’ so she was eager to see Thomas. She replied to both the men and set her phone back on the bedside table.

    As Diva leaned up in bed, it was visible that she was topless and only wearing a pair of lace, cheeky panties. She stretched her arms upwards, arched her back and yawned. She got up from the side of the bed revealing her perfectly sculpted ass and legs. Still topless, she walked across the room while tying her hair up in a messy bun. Her legs were finely toned from all the years of training. Her ass was rounded, firm and seemingly perfect. Her hips were slightly wider than her waist adding to her athletic, yet feminine physic. Her core was very strong featuring abs that could withstand a beating from the strongest men and still be fine. Her boobs were large but not overbearing. They were arguably her sexiest feature. She would display her cleavage as much as possible during her missions to give her a distractingly unfair advantage over her male opponents. Lastly, her face was remarkably beautiful and was complimented with long, silky brunette hair. Her eyes were warm, yet fierce. Her smile sexy and confident.

    Diva donned a large t-shirt and went downstairs to make coffee and brunch. After her meal, she checked the files the Kandyman had sent her in regard to the mission that evening. She was to infiltrate a crime organization at their hideout that the Kandy Girl organization had been conducting recon on for some time now. It was in an old, rundown warehouse on the other side of town. Once inside, she was to take out the leader, his assistants and any advisories that may be present as well. So possibly five targets. She could handle that with ease. She once beat up four bad guys at once. Maybe she could complete her mission and see Thomas afterwards.

    There was something about beating up bad guys that really turned Diva on. Especially beating the shit out of multiple bad guys at once. Whether it was the domination on her part or the embarrassment on their part, something about it really got her going. She loved to humiliate her opponents and Thomas loved to her about it. She could beat up the bad guys, complete her mission and come home to take out her sexual energy on Thomas. Which was great for him. It always made for great foreplay.

    As the day went on, Diva become increasingly excited to see Thomas. Diva teased him over text about all the things she had planned for that night. Soon, it time to get ready for the mission. Diva went upstairs to her closet to get ready. First, she put on a black thong so a panty line wouldn’t be visible in her suit. Next, she put on her black catsuit. It was skin tight and placed all her curves and female figure on display. It was almost like a second skin for her. Her boobs were fantastic and perky already so no bra was necessary in her suit. Lastly, she pulled on some new heeled boots. As she zipped them up, she thought to herself, “these are going to hurt so bad when I kick them with these.” Diva smiled at the thought of how much pain she was going to inflict on the bad guys. She snapped a picture of herself in the mirror, dressed to kill. She sent it to Thomas and said, “Can’t wait to see you baby! I’ll text you when I’m done punishing these bad boys.”

    Part Two

    Diva parked her car in a secluded part of the parking lot, off to the side of the warehouse. She double checked the address to confirm that it was the right place. She emerged from the car quietly and quickly made her way to the warehouse. Once in front of the building, she entered stealthily. The only light streamed in from the old, rusty window sills. She made her way through the warehouse, carefully making sure she didn’t click her heeled boots on the ground so it wouldn’t give away her presence or position. Clicking her heels on the ground as she walked was her signature way of foreshadowing that she was about to kick somebody’s ass. It was her way of taunting her enemies before she attacked. However, trying to remain covert wasn’t the best time for it.

    Suddenly, she spotted a group of men gathered in a room illuminated by the moonlight entering in from a large gap in the building’s ceiling. She quietly made her way to the edge of the darkness. From the shadows, she could see five men. All of which she recognized from the files the Kandyman had sent her earlier that day. She had never fought five men at once before but she was more than ready for a challenge. She took a deep breath and readied herself. This was going to be fun!

    Diva stepped out from the darkness, clicking her heels on the ground with each step. She stopped between two of the men. “Hey boys,” she said with a smile and a wink. Her hands were on her hips and she was biting her lip seductively. She was excited to embarrass these men.

    “Who the fuck are you,” uttered one of the men beside her. Suddenly, she punched him square in the nose, producing a cracking sound that confirmed that she had broken it. Quickly, she chopped at the second man’s trachea that was standing beside her. He gasped for air frantically as his eyes grew wide with surprise. Both men stepped backwards while holding onto their newly acquired injuries. A third man rushed Diva. She reared back and slammed her heeled boot directly into his crotch. The man keeled over and screamed in agony as tears filled his eyes.

    “Aww, that sucks,” Diva teased as the man held his nuts, trembling. He stumbled off out of the way. Diva turned to the remaining two men. “What’s wrong boys? Afraid you’ll end up like him,” Diva laughed as she pointed to the man she’d just kicked in the balls. The two men hesitatingly started towards Diva. She spun and kicked the first of the two men in the face with a roundhouse kick sending him falling to the ground. Her momentum sent her into the second of the two’s arms. He wrapped her up tight trying to contain her. The man on the floor in front of her tried to get back up but Diva kicked him in the face again while she was still wrapped up. This time, breaking his jaw and knocking him out. Then, she stomped her heeled boot into the man’s foot that had her wrapped up. He loosened his grip and she head-butted him. The move sent the man stumbling backwards. Diva quickly turned, took his head with both hands and slammed it into her oncoming knee to knock the man out.

    With two bad guys knocked out now, Diva flipped her hair, looked up and scanned the room. She saw the second man on all fours now, coughing and gasping for breath while the third man was still holding his groin, in tears but trying to walk off the pain. But where was the first man that she had punched in the nose?

    All of a sudden, Diva saw him at the last second swinging a crow bar at her that he had found. She side-stepped and grabbed his wrist as his swing nearly missed Diva’s head. She twisted his wrist and then dropped a devastating elbow on the back of his arm. His arm cracked against her elbow and he dropped the crow bar into her other hand that was waiting from under. Without hesitation, Diva stepped forward, grasping the crow bar with two hands now. She swung the crow bar and hit the man in the face like a bat hitting a baseball. The man crumbled to the ground unconscious.

    “That’s going to leave a mark,” Diva exclaimed smiling. Now with all the immediate threats taken care of, Diva scanned the room more casually this time. With the opportunity now to get a good luck at each of the men, Diva realized the third man holding his nuts and moaning still was the leader of the crime organization that she needed to take out. She smiled knowing that the mission was almost complete and she could be on her way home to meet Thomas. She started towards the leader stopping halfway to address the man on the ground still struggling to get enough air after she had destroyed his trachea in the early going.

    “What’s wrong sweetie? Can’t seem to catch your breath? Let me help you out,” Diva said mockingly. She leaned over and placed her hands around the man’s neck softly. Then, with one smooth motion, she snapped his neck. “Oops,” Diva uttered. She stepped over the man’s lifeless body and continued over to the leader. Diva walked up to the leader of the crime organization, clicking her heels on the ground with every step.

    “You fucking bitch,” the man yelled, still clutching his groin in pain.

    “Now that’s not a way to talk to a woman. Especially a woman that’s kicking your ass right now,” Diva teased as she bit her lip and smirked. Suddenly, the man reached into his coat pocket and pulled out a .38, but Diva was ready. Before the man could react, she kicked the gun from his hand, sending it flying across the room.

    “And that’s no way to fight like a man, now is it,” Diva mocked as she placed her hands on her hips.

    “Fuck you, you little bitch,” yelled the man. As soon as the man got the words out of his mouth, Diva superman punched him in the nose making a loud crunching noise. The man fell backwards on to the floor, now grasping his face with both hands. Diva stepped forward and lifted one of his legs with her boot to spread his legs wider. She stood between his feet victorious. With her hands on her hips, she smiled knowing she could humiliate him now.

    “This is for calling me a bitch and then trying to shoot me,” Diva said firmly. She power stepped forward and kicked the man in the balls with her heeled boots with ball-shattering power. The man shrieked in agony as his eyes filled with tears again. She stepped over the pathetic excuse for a man and placed her boot on his throat. He didn’t even acknowledge the boot on his throat as both his hands remained gripping what was left of his manhood.

    “Who’s the little bitch now,” Diva said as she smiled and winked down at him. Then, she shifted her foot in a quick motion and snapped his neck. Her mission was complete. Diva looked around at all the men lying on the floor defeated. She thought to herself, “I love my job!”

    Part Three

    Meanwhile, as Diva was relegating the bad guys in the rundown warehouse, a mysterious man emerged from the other side of the building. He raced over to Diva’s car as discretely as possible. Once at the car, he looked around and checked over both shoulders to make sure nobody saw him. Once he knew all was clear, he leaned over and placed a homing beacon in the wheel well of the car. After it was secured, he quietly disappeared into the darkness of the night.

    Not long after, Diva appeared at the entrance of the building walking confidently to her car. She swayed her hips and clicked her heels on the pavement. She was so excited to finally be with Thomas. She unlocked the car and got her phone immediately.

    “I’m on my way home from the mission! I’ll have a surprise waiting for you ;),” Diva texted Thomas giddily.

    Upon arriving home, she left the back door unlocked for Thomas for whenever he got there. Diva went upstairs to shower and get ready for her night of fun. Outside, a blacked-out car with tinted windows pulled up to the house across the street. Three mysterious men with masks on stepped out of the car and headed across the street to Diva’s house. Quietly, the entered through the backdoor downstairs and began looking for anything regarding the Kandy Girl organization that they could use as intel.

    Upstairs, Diva went into the bathroom and closed the door behind her. She undressed and walked over to the bathroom mirror in her thong to check her body for any injuries she wasn’t aware of. Not even a scratch. Diva turned on the shower and checked her ass out in the mirror as she waited for the water to warm up.

    Downstairs, the intruders heard the shower start up. One of the men whispered extremely quietly, “as long as the shower is going, we’re good. If it goes off, I need you two to go check it out.” The other two masked men nodded in understanding and kept searching the house.

    Meanwhile, in the shower, Diva let the warm water run down her immaculate body. It was soothing to the touch. The water soaked her hair and dripped onto the shower floor as she leaned back, stroking her hair with her eyes closed. Enjoying every bit of her warm shower. The water ran between her boobs and down her abs and legs. Her nipples erect and goosebumps all over her body. She thought about how hard she had kicked that guy in the balls earlier. She loved kicking bad guys in the balls. It was her favorite move because of how effective and efficient it was to overcome a man with just a swift kick. She always looked for ways to incorporate it more in her fights. She always felt empowered and dominant when she kicked men in their nuts. It was a great feeling for her and a humiliating and painful feeling for them. Which really turned her on. She couldn’t wait to tell Thomas all about it. Diva finished her shower and turned the water off. She was wet in more ways than one as she began to dry off.

    Downstairs, the intruders heard the shower turn off. One of the three men motioned for the other two to go upstairs and check it out while he continued to look for intel downstairs. The two masked men started quietly up the stairs.

    Diva walked into her closet, tossing her towel into a dirty clothes hamper. She walked over to her lingerie drawer. She had a collection of lingerie that she had amassed over the years. However, tonight, she would pick Thomas’ favorite. She chose a black lace bra and thong set. It was complimented with stockings with lace at the top and silk garters. To top it all off, she chose to wear her famous black heels. But these weren’t just any heels. These were the heels that she had previously worn on many missions. These were her go-to heels and the best part about them was the heel on both shoes was made out of steel for maximum pain whenever she delivered an already devastating kick to a bad guy. Thomas loved it when she wore them for him because he knew that she wore them for his pleasure as opposed to other men’s pain.

    The two bastards come to the bedroom door. They counted to three and opened the door slowly. No one was in the bedroom. They stepped inside just as the bathroom door was opening. Out stepped Diva fully dressed in her sexiest lingerie. The men’s hearts skipped a beat. They didn’t know whether to feel terrified or turned on.

    “Oh no, not intruders again…” Diva thought. “Thomas will be here any minute.” Diva knew she needed to handle them quickly so she figured she might as well have fun with it.

    “Hello boys,” she said as she leaned forward feeling her boobs. “Did you guys come to play? We have to make it quick because I have company coming over soon and he’s getting lucky,” she teased. They rushed towards her in vain. Diva caught the first guy in the face with a jaw breaking kick and managed to punch the second guy in the throat before he could connect with his own punch.

    Downstairs, the third intruder could her thumps and thuds coming from upstairs. The last intruder hurried upstairs. As he reached the bedroom, his sight of the master bedroom came into view. The mysterious intruder stood in the doorway and witnessed the end of the fight. Diva violently drove her knee into one of the men’s groin. The man keeled over in pain as Diva grabbed the other man’s wrist and flipped him over her shoulder and onto the ground. Then, in one smooth kick, Diva unleased a fantastic axe kick that struck the face of the man keeled over and continued down to strike the face of the man on the ground. Both men were knocked out cold.

    Diva heard slow clapping behind her. She flipped her hair and turned to see the last intruder. Before she could say anything, he removed his mask. Diva didn’t recognize him from any of the Kandy Girl files.

    “My name is Vladimir Krustov. I head up the crime organization that you tried to break up earlier tonight,” the man exclaimed. Diva was confused, how could this be him? She killed the crime organization’s leader.

    “You are probably wondering how you could have missed this. After all, your Kandy Girl organization has been conducting reconnaissance on us for quite some time now. Ehh? You killed my decoy earlier, which you will owe me for,” Krustov revealed. Diva was shocked. How could they have missed this? It all made sense now. Krustov used a decoy for himself to throw off the Kandy Girl organization for all this time. It was all smoke and mirrors.

    “So, I’m guessing you placed a homing device on my car while I was inside kicking your little buddies’ asses,” Diva guessed. “And you used it to track me here?”

    “You are a smart one, Diva,” Krustov proclaimed with a sly smile. “I came here to kill you and get you off of my case. However, I am starting to have second thoughts. You are obviously the best the Kandy Girl organization has to offer. I am very impressed and I like what I see,” Krustov said as he motioned to the unconscious men lying on the floor that Diva had wrecked. “In fact, I really like what I see…” Krustov said with a suggestive and sexual tone now as he acknowledged the lingerie Diva was dressed in. “Come work for me and I will take VERY good care of you,” Krustov suggested with a smile as big as the sea.

    Diva could sense that his tone had become sexual. She decided to that she could play along and use it against him.

    “Hmmmm,” Diva thought out loud. “Would I get you all to myself,” she asked in a very flirtatious tone.

    Krustov answered, “You can have whatever you want.” Diva raised her eyebrows seductively and started walking slowly toward him, clicking her heels with each step.

    “I can have absolutely anything,” Diva asked as she ran her fingers across his face.

    “You can have anything you desire, baby,” Krustov responded. Diva slowly unbuttoned his shirt, running her hands all over him. She pressed her boobs against his torso. Krustov’s mind was running wild with imagination.

    “Right now, I want you to take your pants off,” demanded Diva. She turned around and walked away slowly to show him her perfectly sculpted ass in her lingerie, clicking her heels with every step. Krustov unbuckled his belt and took off his pants. Diva turned around and pointed to his boxers.

    “I want those off too,” Diva said seductively as she bit her lip with excitement. Krustov obliged and took off his boxers as well. He was nearly trembling with excitement. Diva starting walking back towards him, clicking her heels.

    “You know, these heels are made of steel,” Diva stated.

    “They look incredible. I bet you’ve hurt a lot of men with those,” Krustov responded.

    “I’ve made grown men cry wearing these heels before,” Diva replied seductively. She stopped a little in front of him and leaned forward so he could get a good look at her boobs. Diva whispered, “you know what else I like?”

    “What’s that, babe,” Krustov asked, his voice cracking because of the excitement.

    Diva whispered, “a challenge.” Krustov looked confused. At that moment, Diva kicked him in his bare balls as hard as she could with her steel heels. Krustov fell to the floor and screamed in intense agony. Diva adjusted her bra cup because she had kicked him so hard that her lingerie shifted on her slightly.

    “A challenge because that was a really small target I just kicked,” Diva stated.

    “You fucking bitch! I think you just ruptured my testicles,” Krustov whined.

    “I hope I did,” Diva replied excitedly as she smiled and winked at him. She stepped over his pathetic body and stomped her steel heel into his throat. The mission was now truly completed.

    Diva walked over to the bed and lied down in her lingerie. Right at that time, Thomas walked in in the bedroom cautiously.

    “What the hell happened in here,” Thomas asked, confused. Diva flipped her hair, bit her lip and smirked her sexiest smirk yet.

    “Come over here and I will tell you all about it,” Diva said smiling.

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