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    Are there any more spectacular sights than WonderDiva? Movie (with free photoset) out now!

  • Hi @kandyman. Would you mind telling me if there are there any low blows in this video?

    I hope these requests aren't too annoying. Maybe to keep us ballbusting fans from bothering you by asking every time, would it be possible to make "low blow"/"nut shot" or something similar one of the descriptor tags on the videos? Or even something a little more discrete if that is too blatant (e.g. splits punch, low kick, etc). I know it's not just me who has this interest. And I've blindly bought a couple videos that ended up not having even one low shot which steered me away from buying unless there was something very obvious in the thumbnails.

    Thanks for reading. Love your guys' work!

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    @kandyman Few that I can think off. 😍

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