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    When it's insanely hot outside you need something insanely hot inside..... ladies and gentlemen.......

  • it's always a pleasure for me to saw kix in action movie.with her i'am not desappointed

    a best girl in the kandyman team

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    She is something else isn't she! She was one of the originals - Kix and AJ were the first 2 to cast for KAK and there have been very few that have come close to them!

  • I’m with you Dusty. On any given day Kix is breathtakingly beautiful but in that first picture she looks flawlessly beautiful. It must be distracting filming with her......especially for the stunt guys trying to avoid having their teeth knocked out. True professionals. 😏

  • OH. Oh, MY.

    I've long been on the record as a devotee of Kix. But that first photo.....oh. My. It's literally breathtaking. That woman is a work of art. Simply stunning.

    Downloading the video now....

  • Hi @kandyman. I have the same question I left for the Wonderdiva video. Any low blow shots? And same question about adding tags. Thanks!

  • Smokin' hot indeed! Call me old skool but, to quote the great AJ, 'Catsuit and boots always wins!' And Kix is simply boss! Boss and forever the boss :)

  • I schoff at what the English consider ‘hot’ outside but we can all agree what’s smokin’ hot on the Kick Ass Kandy website. Nothin’ hotter than Kix in boots. Please can we have the trailer tonight?

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