Foot choke kill

  • Hi guys

    Just wondering if there any videos on here that involve high heel chokes/heel neckbreaks. Looking for a video along them line. If you know any please let us know


  • Thanks @Abercorn

    Thats brillant, downloaded enter the kickass and absolutely loved it :) if you know of any more let us know but really appreciate the help :D

  • @Tramplechoke Looking through my list of films I know that Battle for the Planet of the Kickass, Enter the Kickass, Kickass Ninjas, Runner Kickass, and Warkandy each contain at least one heel neckbreak kill.

  • Thank you dizzy I'd really appreciate it :)

    Always struggle finding them haha

  • There are lots of films with this aspect included but off the top of my head I can't recall which ones exactly!

    If I find the time I'll have a look my treasure chest & suggest a few to chose from.

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