This Friday is.......

  • .…….what exactly?

    Hope it's another New Girl.

    I do rather like it when K'man shows us another 'win' from his world class HR Team!! ☺

  • Hi Kandyman - I'd like to know if you have a 1080p version of this film. I noticed that this one is 720p which looks great but a 1080p version would look so much nicer on my new Mac 😃😃I'm also practicing my video editing as well. I'd pay for an upgraded version. Thanks. - Skillz

  • Yes! a catsuit with those shiny boots and add in shiny gloves to match those boots to adorn her fists of fury and she is a total badass!

  • Please Kandyman, we definitely need to see that behind the scenes footage

  • administrators

    I'm delighted with this feedback... and so is Sienna! she's a fabulous all rounder; she's gorgeous, a great actress and a totally sadistic kickass queen! I have to find the outtake when she punched stuntman Joe for real and almost knocked him out!

  • K’man

    It would appear you have unearthed a true gem with Sienna!!!

    All good positifeedback. 👍🏻

  • Sienna outfit makes me think latex catsuit and boots. She'd rock both.

  • I’m really looking forward to when Sienna dons the obligatory Kandygirl uniform of catsuit and thigh high boots!

  • Also want to add that I noticed those were new boots and quite shiny like I like em. Fantastic job.

  • Wow....Sienna is simply sensational and has all the great Kandy Girl qualities. I would rank Sienna’s debut the second greatest first up film in Kandyland history only behind the great Diva when she burst onto the Kandy scene with the aply named Alpha-Kandy.

    I hope we see a lot more Sienna..... and soon.

    By the way, was it also the debut for two new pairs of boots? They’re sensational and Sienna wears them perfectly. I can’t believe how agile she is in such high heels! It looks effortless when she does the fight scenes.

    Great we need more Sienna please


  • I bought it, the new girl is GREAT, the attitude and the looks are simply perfect ! I hope she becomes a regular !! and she is involved in more perilous situations in the future @kandyman

  • Bought it! She's amazing!!!

  • She looks fabulous & I would imagine very reliable/game in terms of custom shoots....😃

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    Well.... since you ask so nicely! :)

    I can't keep this one a secret any longer.... SHE'S INCREDIBLE..... meet Brand New Kandygirl SIENNA!!!

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