Blowing the Forum's collective mind?!

  • K'man

    What are your thoughts on the merits of perhaps dropping one of our recent Customs (yes.....very plural) onto the site next week?

    You be the judge....whereas either Erica, Danni, Vixen, Skarlett,or

    Lady Arabella Sloane-Fortescue can be the executioners?

    It's possible I've missed a film off.....frankly we've done a few!!

    Just a thought, however, I don't want to upset your release strategy.

  • Outstanding. You the man!!!!!

  • administrators

    It's a good job today is not going to be an off Friday! @camran9

  • These off Fridays are tough to get thru. But I'll say I always appreciate the quality of the products. Is Danni a new KAK girl too?

  • @Dizzy-Goon

    Lady A S-F is arguably my new ‘muse’.

    She is one to watch going forwards!!!

  • administrators

    This is she.....

  • @Dizzy-Goon. Forgive me for not knowing this, but who is Lady Arabella Sloane-Fortescue?

    Also anything on the horizon for a SIENNA, Aish team up. Both have fantastic high kicks and attitude to match. Wow those high kicks. Would love to see an unsuspecting kick around the corner to an intruder, similar to the movie. "Feel The Heat (Catch The Heat) (1987) Trailer" on YouTube 1 minute 30 seconds.

    Just thought id ask. Keep up the great work as always.

  • Oh its all good, I'm just glad she is still around! I would say she is my favorite, but we don't have many clips with her in it :(

  • @opponent12

    As I only got that one myself last week I suspect that film might be towards the end of the new DG releases!!!

    Trust me, you won’t be disappointed with the others.

  • @Dizzy-Goon There is one with Scarlett? Imma cast my vote there!

  • administrators

    I'd say that's perfectly possible!

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