Friday Sept 7th - EDEN IS HERE!

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    haha - that's Eden for you, she's good at chess! @Graves78

  • I've watched this movie for the gazillionth time and just realized that the chess board at the beginning actually contains a legit gamestate and the checkmate that Eden gives to the guys is actually REAL. Wow, that's what I call attention to every detail! :)

  • @kandyman yes sir she is a really diamond as you say. You really know which girls to find? How do you test them? How to pick them? i think all they is a karate, kickbox, muaythai, jud0, boks . experts.You are the best sir. You really know your work :)


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    She's a diamond isn't she! We took months to find the new girls as the bar is so high - we started with hundreds and only chose about 7. We want to keep our standards high, that's why, after 10 years, you guys still love us ;) @kickasslover

  • İ think these 3 men could have opened their eyes in a hospital and stayed in the hospital for 2 months at least after this beating. Theye have broken noses, broken teeth and purple eyes now. Eden is beating men by relaxing and sitting and so easily way. İ have watched this clip many times.its one of greatest mixed fighting clip i have ever seen. Kandy man you are number one. KİCK ASSKANDY is the best mixed fighting link in the world. And Eden is the prettiest and sexiest woman sorry beating machine in the world. :)

  • These three poor guys dont cost EDEN's One of boots. İ think she can beat more 10 man easily. i havent seen anything a girl who beats up men so easily and sexy. she is so relaxed and always smiling and playfully while beating up men.İ think she is number one fighting girl.

    she is the prettiest and sexiest woman in the world. there is one pretty thing in the world: HER AMZING AND ASY PAINFUL BEATING.

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    That's high praise indeed! i'll pass that on to Eden! We do have lots more Eden films coming your way over the next 12 months, you can be sue of that @Fixi

  • JEEEZ!!! Eden is absolutley fantastic! In my oppinon she is the best, sexiest Kandygirl EVER! I favoured AJ so far - but Eden beats even her!
    It is just incedible with how much sexy nonchalace and self-confident easiness she beats the guys up. The imazing thing is, her face reflects that easiness: She does her stunts it with a constant smile - as if they were a piece of cake.
    Those two Eden-clips you did so far belong to the all time Top-Kandy-Clips!
    Thank you so much!
    Hope there will be more and more Eden-clips coming up!

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    Yep! 😁

    @kandyman said:

    Here's a question for you.... do you like the addition of the photosets to films when we release?

  • I concur too, also is Eden Stepping on that guys hand in the 2nd Picture, either way it'll no Doubt be Great

  • Blimey!!!

    (& a big fat YES to photo shoots)

  • @kandyman. Yes absolutely..... And wow what a great way to start September.

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    Here's a question for you.... do you like the addition of the photosets to films when we release?

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