Friday Treat! Sex Panther V Ninjas Photoset - out today!

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    To celebrate the upcoming nuptials of DG next weekend.... Yes, Dizzy Goon is finally settling down.... We are going to release one of the most remarkable photosets (and film next Friday) and arguably one of his finest customs ever! Starring the sensational Dannii Harwood as Sex Panther, this Photoset is going to knock your socks off and the film next Friday.. well let's just say.... it's going to rock your world, just like Mrs Goon rocks our very own Mr Goon's world!


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  • Congratulations DG on getting hitched. Will the bride walk down the aisle in a catsuit and thigh high boots?

    But seriously, have a fantastic day and live in the moment while I enjoy your Kustom Kandy all weekend

  • @kandyman

    Thank you K’man

    Very kind words indeed.

    Indeed. This weekend I get hitched!!!

    I know AJ, Jade, Vixen & co will all be utterly mortified that DG is no longer on the market but I’m sure they can take out their frustrations ‘creatively’...perhaps on some bad guys.

    Dfingo - sort of....

    This is actually part of a whole raft of customs we did earlier this year (4 or 5....can’t remember actually!).

    This film is ‘sort of’ a 2 parter. Probably a good Christmas release K’man?

    Better go....speech to finish!!!


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    and the MOVIE is out tomorrow, Friday 21st!

  • @kandyman @dizzygoon Congratulations Dizzy hope you had a very enjoyable weekend. Looks like nice Custom by the way. Wedding present to oneself?

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