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    This movie WILL blow your mind. To celebrate Dizzy Goon's wedding this weekend we are releasing one of his amazing custom movies with the sensational Dannii Harwood as Sex Panther.


  • @kandyman

    It actually DID blow my mind!!
    Sex Panther is sooo sexxxy in this clip! WOW!!!😵💓💥😻
    She is as sexy here as Eden - beatin the men with utmost ease and coolness! God, I love how she does it!!
    This is another marvellous work by Kandyman. Congrats!

  • @penguin2

    Thank you penguin2

    Positive comments are appreciated...always.

    Interesting how the ‘regulars’ are often forthcoming with a round of applause of some description on the customs people spend hours over & fund, whereas some others stay mute (or worse still ask for a favour then throw their toys out of the pram when said requested freebie does not materialise).

    Moving on...


    2 weeks since Danni.

    “What’s in your bag Angeleos...”?

  • Congrats to DG, glad to hear things went well! Nice job with the video.

  • Delighted to report the weekend went very well (despite the worst UK weather for perhaps 3 months....obviously the sun came out as soon as we packed up yesterday & remains out today - the law of sod I think).

    Anyway, I hope all Forumites enjoy this film as much as I did both writing it & watching it myself.

    We did a few earlier this're in for a treat!!

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