• I have found a full FULL METAL KICK ASS video on the internet on youtube!
    You should delete it immediately to avoid that people can watch it.

    Empleos en Puerto Vallarta

  • Looks like someone got there first KM, the site I mentioned seems to have been shut down.

  • administrators

    lol. That's us Mr Hoppy! we set that clips4sale site up to divert people to this site - great spot though!

  • administrators

    Thanks Mooncatt. I'll see if Youtube has a licence system. BTW - can you email me the site that charges for other producers stuff? I'm in the mood to kick some ass.


  • I've no idea how it works but you can make it so the films require a licence to play them. Of course you shouldn't have to.

    I know of a site that charges £7.50 to £10.00 for other producers films. Hard to understand how they get away with it.
    No KAK stuff on there but still.

  • administrators

    Thank you so much bugmenot! It really does damage us when films are posted on youtube, its hard enough without these guys making it harder!! I've gone through the complaints procedure with youtube and hopefully it'll be removed shortly. A friend of the site alerted me to a message board that had posted 15 films for free recently, needless to say we through the full wrath of the Kandygirls at them.

    If anyone else sees one of our films somewhere else, please would you tell us too?

    Many thanks again


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