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  • I got fed up with the complaints on another popular forum. I decided to purchase one of the suggestions for a video which had a small amount of back and forth combat. I am not much of a buyer of KAK films but everytime I purchase a vid, I am super impressed: gorgeous women who have awesome combat choreography skills as well as terrific acrobatic moves. I would like to see more pain inflicted on the girls before they prevail. I guess i will have to order a custom.

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    Haha - the avocados are smashed of course and the bread is free range, fair trade vegan @Dfingo

  • @kandyman These elixirs and tonics you speak of 😕 Are they Craft Ale and avocado on soda bread?😜 Because I’ve seen a lot of people in the Islington area having this😉 Must be a lot of Kandy customs coming our way

  • @kandyman That would be fantastic.. Doesn't hurt to ask. Thanks kandyman

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    That's a very good question. We tend not to tap up NGC's stars as they are good friends of ours and we don't want to cause any friction but DeJa Vu is fabulous. I could always request....@camran9

  • @kandyman Do you ever utilize actresses from another websites? Example would be someone like Deja Vu from NGC. Wow is she extremely athletic and beautiful. She would be a great addition to the team. Just curious.

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  • If you really want help us, why don't you declare January 1st as the first day of spring.@kandyman

  • No matter how many customs I have commissioned, the anxiety of waiting never goes away.@Dfingo

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    😆 I am always here to support pre-custom distress syndrome, it is a common ailment but one for which i have elixirs and tonics and have yet to have had any mortalities @Dfingo

  • @Jacques. That’s the beauty of it being your custom. I like cheesy lines, humour and Total Girl power Beatdown. I understand it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. From past experience I expect you are now finding it difficult to sleep and every spare minute you have you are contemplating disco pants or Catsuit, Diva or Kix, 2 stuntmen or 3. The weeks leading up to my Custom I was a total mess. Anyone asked me a question I answered Vixen Catsuit. Kandyman should offer some kind of Custom therapy. My advice just go with your ideas. It’s your money. But as you asked black disco pants, exposed abdomen, black crop top and black high heel boots on Kix does seem rather appealing. Anyway Jacques try and get some sleep. Don’t let it interfere with work life and all the very best with the custom.

  • @pulphead The choice of an actress will be decided in a discussion with the Kandyman. As of now, I have no idea.

  • @Jacques I share exactly the same fetish with the exposed abdomens! the disco pants are a excellent touch as well !! :-) I will buy your custom faster than light !! I hope your heroine gets knocked out during her adventure before prevailing.

    By the way, which of the beautiful girls of Kickasskandy are you considering? Do you have you any favorites ?

  • @Abercorn, I just saw your custom. It was absolutely spectacular. Diva is awesome. Your video has the best for back and forth action that I have ever seen, although I have not purchased many of kandyman's films.;loved the acrobatic moves. Thanks for your advice.

  • @Abercorn Thanks, will purchase your custom

  • @Jacques I certainly share your preference for more serious dialogue and even fights. (If you haven't seen it you should check out my custom, Nuclear Kickass) Your outfit ideas are great and for my two cents I personally prefer the catsuit but the shiny disco pants are certainly a favorite. As for the boots, I definitely prefer heels. Some could say they limit the motions a bit but I think the fighting in heels is what sets Kickasskandy apart from most of the other sites out there since many wouldn't put in that kind of effort. (I guess I just like the look of them too ;). All in all though it's your preference Jacques and whatever you decide, I can't wait to see the finished product.

  • @Dfingo Hi, thanks for your post, it is helpful and enlightening. As I mentioned in a previous post, I have made a suggestion to Mr. Kandyman. I am not a fan of cheesy lines or humour as I prefer my stuff to be serious. I still purchase the cheesy stuff as the combat choreography is always awesome. In anycase you can expect serious dialogue, a decent amount of set up for the combat and a pretty even fight until near the end when 'girl power' prevails. Rest assured that I am huge fan of 'girl power' but I want the heroine to face a stiff challenge before winning. Now for my question, black catsuit or black shiny disco type leggings with a black cropped top (I have a fetish for exposed abdomens as it makes for more effective receiving of blows). Also for boots: heels or no heels and thigh high boots? Your advice sir? My story will be about retribution and restitution.

  • @Jacques Hi Jacques and welcome. I have now commissioned three Kandy customs and am absolutely overjoyed with the outcome. K’man delivers precisely what you ask for. I’ve always asked for Vixen as my Kandygirl but I’m sure which ever one you choose they’ll put in a stellar performance. I think unless I’m very much mistaken that my next custom will be released in two weeks. Vixen in a Catsuit against two guys. Beautiful. Kandyman did a fantastic job as you’ll see. The cheesy lines and nonsensical plot are totally my fault.

    Good luck with your custom Sir you will not regret it.

  • Interesting possibility. I am familiar with this approach

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    Perhaps.... or we break it into a mini series?


  • Interesting pricing, I guess there is scope to make a more elaborate film (more story content, longer film and more actresses/actors, if someone wants to pay more?@kandyman

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    Hey Camran - we tend to have one Custom Season per year, this is typically in the Spring / Summer each year. We take submissions all year round and then bring them to life when the season starts. Having said that, occassionally we may take another month each year - in the Autumn - when we have a mini-season. Customs are reasonably priced and usually account for less than half of what they actually cost to make - we hedge our bets that we'll turn a profit when the films go on general sale. Prices start at £599 for 1 girl v 1 guy and some of the girls carry a premium.... for example Kix, Vixen and Diva will cost an extra £150 @camran9

  • @Jacques. Roger that. Good insight. I appreciate it.

  • @camran9

    Hi I have no experience with KAK at least not yet. However I have recently ordered quite a number of customs from another producer. He provided me a detailed list of all the items in the budget. This included salaries, location rentals, some amounts for costumes, food and miscellaneous items such as a holster for a pistol. The producer did his own editing with no cost to me. Some of the filming was performed over a two day period and typically my videos were around forty minutes in length, half of which were story content. For the film itself we had a back and forth discussion for most aspects of the film such actresses, costumes and basic elements of what I wanted. He wrote the script and the detailed dialogue to go with it. He submitted to me and the actresses for our approval. I suspect that the actresses had appeared in mainstream films, based on their ability to deliver detailed dialogue. For sure the one thing what be similar to both him and KAK, is that filming a fight scene can be very tedious: it requires a lot of rehearsals and much stop and go during the filming. My films had blood in them and so this made filming even more difficult. I know this because he has posted plenty of BTS on his Patreon account. KAK has posted some BTS clips quite a while ago, very cool. Anyway, KAK might have a different modus operandi. The details are confidential as I am sure that each custom is different.

  • When do you take requests for customs? And how do custom videos work? I see the customs page just curious when you take requests and how much do they normally cost.

  • @pulphea Working on it. I have made a proposal.

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    Good to hear from you Jacques! We are delighted you moved beyond the 'haters' to see what we're all about. I know exactly which Forum of which you speak and I confess to lurk around there from time to time and occasionally despair at the levels of complaining, simply because we don't cater to their exact tastes. Thanks for your kind words and we'd love to make a custom with you one day!

  • As soon as my commitments to another producer (negotiating for two more customs) are completed.

    I would be interested in a combat between a male and heroine dressed in a black catsuit. The action would be back and forth until near the end.

  • Please do ! 😍

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