Sensational Sienna

  • Hi K'man. No thread on Sienna's latest film, not even an introduction from the Lord of All Things Sweet? I feel compelled to state the bleedin' obvious.....that Sienna is a natural Kandy Girl and a superb find. She's already one of my favourites. Loved her again in this film.

    "And all is as it should be in Kandyland"


  • Woohoo! I'm looking for the equivalent of this in the UK. I will contact you KMan. @kandyman

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    I don't see why not! @bionicskillzart

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    well maybe - i'll obviously check with Andrew, our NGC Co-producer@pulphead

  • She is a total babe. Those shiny boots with a catsuit wrapped around her body will induce extreme jubilation on my part. I have a question...since I'm mostly broke all the time and can't get a custom right now, would it be feasible to collaborate on a custom? Since I have a super-strong babe fetish I was thinking of purchasing some bendable/breakable props for Kandy Girls to dismantle in their ever so insatiable sexiness. These extra scenes could be worked in. Or maybe filmed but not even used if the commissioner doesn't want. I would love to add the classic special effects sounds, etc. I love Bioni-sizing the Kandy Girls. Adding the slow motion puts me in a state euphoria I might add and with the way the world is going, I can use that. What do y'all think?

  • Could we have a sneak peek ? :) I am curious of the outfit, will she wear something with her abs exposed or is it going to be the classic Crisis catsuit. @kandyman

    @Panda I also prefer a KickAssKandy story-lines of secret agents vs mad scientists and goons, but I also want just a little bit of peril in the way

  • Kall me a Kick Ass Kandy ‘purest’ but Kandy Crisis is not really my Kup of Kandy. I do however appreciate the needs that Kick Ass Kandy needs to kater for a broader audience.

    I will confess that if Sienna is starring then I’ll definitely at least look at the sample clip.

  • Kandy Crisis with SIenna !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FUCKING YES !!!!!!!! @kandyman

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    You crazy guys! what's this bit about Kandymany paying for it...... @Panda @dizzygoon

    Breaking news - we're filming a Kandy Crisis movie with Sienna tomorrow 😜

  • The idea’s so krazy, it just might work Dizzy! Kollaborative kandy, katsuits, boots, karnage and koalas! What more could you want in a film?



  • @Panda

    We must CO-write one day with K’man paying for the film!!!

    It would sell....of that there is no doubt

  • @kandyman

    Best news this week!!!

    This Friday perhaps or do you have something else magical up your United replica shirt sleeve? 🤔😀

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    What a splendid idea! @Panda

  • I’m completely with you Dizzy

    We haven’t even seen Sienna in the obligatory catsuit and thigh high boots yet! Image that!!!!

    I’m already thinking about next years custom season with Sienna.

    Book me in K’man.

    Panda 🐼

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    oh yes indeed! @Dizzy-Goon

  • Panda

    You are 100% correct. Sienna is a truly fabulous find.

    Let us keep our fingers crossed for many more films with Sienna in them!!!

    That's perhaps a red customs flag (& not because I'm carrying more Benson & Hedges into Gatwick than is legally allowed).

    Whilst I'm here.

    K'man...…..can we take it that cheeky Vixen photoset is a precursor to a film?

    I bloody well hope so!!

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    That is a most excellent point Panda - Sienna is absolutely FIERCE and deserves every accolade

    under the sun!@Panda

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