Vixen is just Phenomenal!

  • They say a great photograph needs no title or introduction. They say a great photograph should be mysterious, ambiguous and pose questions. Make you curious about what’s going on and to feel different types of emotions. A rare image that can give a feeling of insight, freezing forever a moment in that person's life but also want you to predict what happens next.

    Ladies and Gentlemen I give you the finest photography that KickassKandy has ever produced.


  • @Dizzy-Goon Yes mate this was a Custom for me. Had a little chuckle to myself when the ‘Gangsta’ said it’s been liked by DF, JO and DG.

    As you know DG I do love Vixen she is just extraordinary. Had to have a new film.

    And yes I was the brave man that suggested the line about the Catsuit😆 Oh the irony I thought when you see Vixen in all her splendour (Plus I knew she deliver the line with a knowing smirk) All Kandygirls look amazing in their chosen outfits. But Vixen in a Catsuit! 😍 The world just seems a better place.

  • Terrific film....Vixen still has the lot.

    In fact arguably her combat skills/kicks have got even more dramatic over the years?

    Was this a custom perchance?

    Loved the reference to the old stagers of KAK (Dfingo, Jade Owl & DG) liking the 'twatter' challenge acceptance.....a brilliant little aside.

    Whoever came up with the line about Vixen no longer looking good in a catsuit is a braver man than I.....he's also in need of an eye test!! 😉

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    This is one of her all time greats - your script and style points are spot on. We loved making it - I don't think there's anyone who quite fits a catsuit like Vixen and she has the power, force and skill to be absolutely devastating in action! Well done mate, this film is a CLASSIC!! @Dfingo

  • That is....yes she is....fills catsuit good..must buy..can't speak....

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