New to Site.

  • New to site. Wow doesn't describe how incredible the content is. Absolutely amazing. I'm sure everyone has there favorite but willl we be seeing anymore of Aish or Bianca? Love those incredible high kicks, high kick hold and drop kick and flexibility from those ladies. Keep up the great work hope to see more of them.

  • @camran9

    All in good time I’m sure.

    She’s worth the wait, believe me!!

  • administrators

    haha, it'a about time you came out !! you have very good taste in Kandygirls too 😜@KickedintheNuts

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    She is one very talented individual! @camran9

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    This post is deleted!

  • I'm always good with an Aish video.....πŸ‘

  • @kicker24 the same for me. Aish is so amazing. Love the way she highkicks the guys out.

  • Aish maybe??. I'm hoping for a new Aish video Friday. πŸ˜‰

  • I'm interested to see new kandy girl Lady Arabella Sloane-Fortescue. Interested to see what her moves and talents might be.😜

  • I've been a visitor of this site since AJ, but I'm just now making a profile Haha. Love every single purchase I've ever bought. I've been to a handful of fem vs men fighting sites but i can safely safely say that this one is the only one to have not let me down with a poor release!!! Love the girls and how they dominate their Male counterparts!.

    I have to say that my favorite girls are Blaze and JJ! I would die to see I release with one of those beautiful ladies in it!

  • @kicker24 Hello πŸ‘‹ and welcome. Great bunch on here all very friendly.

  • administrators

    Welcome! Where have you been all this time!!! 😜 We're always pushing the bar higher and higher so you'll love what's coming up for 2019! @kicker24

  • Welcome to Kandyland Kicker24. 100% agree Aish is amazing. Love that high kicking action. πŸ‘

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