FRIDAY PREVIEW! It's..... Eden AND Kix!!

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  • Those are INDEED the greatest shots ever made, and on an incredible body too!!

  • Then I guess that I am lactose intolerant.@kandyman

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    and best avoided if lactose intolerant @Jacques

  • @kandyman please be careful, too much cheese causes heartburn.

  • @kandyman

    Damn & blast your eyes K' guessed it.

    However, "Haloumi" is also another option.

    Indeed Dfingo….a talking cheese....what you mean you've never come across one? 😉

  • @Dizzy-Goon. Wow a talking cheese

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    Edam you look Gouda? @Dizzy-Goon

  • Q: What did the cheese say to itself in the mirror?

    A: …………………………………..

    There are 2 (although I suspect probably more) responses.

    Over to the Forum.

    Well, you wanted cheesy lines….no?

  • Loved this video guys! Kix was awesome as always and I enjoyed the cheesy humour too. Keep them coming please!

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    We look forward to making your custom! we may actually start a mini season in January!!! @Jacques

  • It is not hypothetical. I intend to proceed. I used hypothetically to solicit a response. I was not sure that I could actually discuss a custom publicaly. No worries, this custom is going to be awesome. BTW, BB is back breaker, one of my favourite moves. Does spring start next month@kandyman

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    I don't understand your hypothetical? @Jacques

  • Hi, I take your point re the humour. To each his own so to speak. Hypothetically speaking for the moment, if someone stole your designs and then took credit for them, you would be very pissed.Not sure how humour would work in this situation..@JadeOwl

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    This is an extraordinary video! 👍The action is as brutally awesome and aesthetically pleasing as can be expected from Kix and Eden. 😍

    But I also must add my voice to the defense of the "cheesy" lines. The humor is one of the things that make Kickass Kandy stand out from the rest, even leaving aside the insanely hot talent and flawless fight choreography.

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    Amen brother @Dfingo

  • there are headbutts??

  • @Jacques No this is not one of my customs. This is a great clip though. Kix’s Skill is just amazing. The ‘cheesy’ lines you refer to was something I liked to add to my custom. I would say most Kandy clips have an element of humour. A funny line or two. My opinion is it makes them even more entertaining. But there is no getting away from the fact that the fighting is always serious, gruesome, highly skilled, well thought out and delivered by a gorgeous female. And let’s face it that’s why the majority of us are here.

  • Eden is really incredible. so much beauty and grace... even when brutally beating these guys down.

  • I take it that this is not one of your customs? I was wondering how much cheesy dialogue was in the video. I am not a fan of this aspect but sometimes It doesn’t deter me from buying. My first purchase over year ago was disappointing and so it was quite awhile before I purchased another one. I cannot remember the name but in the film the Kandygirl defeated five men i a bar and in between fights she combed her hair.@Dfingo

  • Kix is just a Kandy legend. Her fighting skills are second to none. And Eden is just so beautiful. What a team! Look forward to this one

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