KANDY CRISIS 14....coming soon (Trailer)

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  • Is this one all peril, or are there any girl power elements?

  • Wow Eden got messed up there at the end lol!

    If I challenged her in that state it would be the only way I would stand a chance, though she would probably still kick my butt XD

  • @kandyman Wonder if it’s too late to print the picture of Vixen in chains and send it out as Christmas Cards. Nothing says Christmas more than Vixen in a Catsuit and chains😉

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    Jade - I hope this cures your bout of paroxysms..... KANDY CRISIS 14 IS OUT NOW!!! its a mixture of FF between Vixen and Eden and FM between Vixen, Eden and their male foe. This is one for the Peril fans!

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    I am currently undergoing paroxysms of extasis at the news of the return of FF!!!👏👏👏

    And featuring shining examples of the Old And New Guards!!! MAGNIFICENT!!!! 😍

  • @kandyman Now I’ve said before Kandy Crisis is not usually my cup of salted caramel winter infused latte but Vixen Catsuit is. Really look forward to this. I’ve bought previous Kandy Crisis and the story, fighting and sexiness of the characters involved have been amazing.

    Don’t like seeing my beautiful Vixen taking a hiding though but as she’s so tough, ruthless and resilient I’m sure she makes them pay...doesn’t she?




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